7 Best 15-Inch TVs

We all require the best visual output to our computers or such functional monitors that you can mount on the wall and see what’s going on in the rest of the world. The size matters the most, as in many commodities we choose for our daily lives. What is more helpful than playing your favorite lava cake recipe in the kitchen while you attempt to make it to perfection? A 15-inch TV is the best option that is neither too big nor too small to wall mount in medium spaces. You can scan through the unlimited options available in the market and see for yourself that finding a product suitable for you is not an easy task.

Some might think that most customers want big, widescreen televisions. However, the market for compactly designed television sets is still huge as customers require a smartly developed TV that you can place in small spaces like your dorm room, garage, or kitchen. Many manufacturers are leading the market and making products in this category. They promise functionality with style while committing to the good sound and video quality of these television sets. These TVs have varying features and attributes, and the more features you look for in a TV set, the more price you have to pay for the product.

First of all, identify your need and the purpose you want to use the TV. Next comes the set of specifications and features that come with the product. There is an abundance of good and bad characteristics of these 15-inch TVs, and you must be able to distinguish between the best and make sure that the features advertised by the manufacturer are present in the TV. We must look for better picture quality, sound output, resolution, and color palette.

7 Best 15-Inch TVs – Buying Guide

While looking for the best 15-inch television, there are countless options available in the market, making it almost an impossible task to find a product that works best for you. The TV you choose must have the best attributes and features. In this article, we are also including a buying guide to help you through the process.


The make or brand of a product generally determines its durability and quality. This is the reason most customers go for reliable brands when buying electronic devices. These devices have good quality components and last for a long time compared to the producers who make cheap televisions.

Screen Resolution

The screen resolution of a TV determines how good a picture or video appears on your television screen. It is actually a measurement of how many pixels appear per inch of your TV. A larger screen resolution of a television means that the image appears more crisp and clear.

Display Type

The display type means how your television is lit. This is a feature that affects your vision the most. Long-term exposure to the screen of an old-style television tires out your eyes. Most TVs nowadays have LCD or LED displays. These not only display crystal clear images but also consume less electrical power.

Another type of television that is gaining popularity is OLED. The organic light-emitting diodes incorporate the light directly into the display, thus being more efficient.

Screen Refresh Rates

The screen refresh rate of a TV is how frequently a frame refreshes while being displayed. A higher screen refresh rate will mean that moving images, especially quick-moving ones, appear to be much smoother to the human eye. Mostly, the screen refresh rate is 60Hz, but newer technologies are gaining momentum, especially in smaller devices.

Ports and Connections

It is crucial to check how many ports and connecting points your television has so that you can connect DVRs, gaming consoles, streaming devices, and external speakers. Nowadays, many TVs have an HDMI port that delivers 4K Ultra High Definition videos and excellent sound output.

Sound Systems

No one wants a television with low-quality sound output. To gain the best out of your TV, it must have good speakers capable of producing powerful sound.


This is a prominent factor that makes or breaks a deal when choosing a television for personal use. The product you choose must have all the features that you require while lying within your price range. Technology is changing at a fast pace, and new inventions are popping up from time to time. More features added to a television will make your viewing experience better, but that’s also costly.

Below, we are enlisting the best 15-inch televisions you can buy from the market. These are among the best in terms of component quality and output.

7 Best 15-Inch TVs – Our Picks

#7. Toshiba MD13Q41 TV

The Toshiba MD13Q41 TV/DVD Combo is a perfect choice for you if you want to use it in your homes, offices, dorms, studios and, countless other options. The TV takes little space and is also lightweight. You can use this product in small spaces as well, and it is easy to relocate. Many features in this TV add to its practicality and usage.

The TV supports DVD and CD operations so that you do not need to worry about attaching separate accessories with the TV. The picture quality is sharp, and you will get a clear viewing experience every time you switch it on. The HD sound pleases your sense of hearing. It is a perfect choice for you if you are looking for a device for your kid’s room, garage, den, or even the kitchen.

This television comes with four picture preference modes. The build and materials used in making this product are durable, and you can rest assured that there will be lesser indentations, scratches, and discoloration with time. The finishing is simple yet graceful. You can easily clean the TV with a wipe-clean procedure.


  • 13-inch combo TV or DVD and CD player
  • Dimensions are 14.25 (W) x 15 (H) x 14.4 (D) inches
  • Compatible with CD-R or CD-RW and Video CD
  • JPEG viewer feature
  • Digital audio output available in the television
  • Ergonomic remote control with a glow-key feature
  • Tri-lingual on-screen displays
  • Automatic clock in the TV set


  • Remote control-operated TV
  • CRT video technology for a better viewing experience
  • Multiple connections in front and rear
  • Built-in CD and DVD drives
  • TV turner available
  • Multiple speaker and sound output

#6. Tyler Digital LED HDTV

The Tyler Digital LED HDTV is a 13.3 inches wide screen television that will give you great viewing pleasure. This TV is fully capable of delivering high-quality audio and vibrant images. The monitor has a 1080p resolution that outputs sharp and crisp, clear images. The television is compact and smartly designed to fit in small spaces. You can place it on your countertop or mount it on the wall, whatever suits you best.

The TV has HD sound quality that gives you crystal clear sound. Each time you switch it on, your ears will appreciate the good sound quality in this widescreen television. Parents admire this television for the parental control features with the help of a built-in V-chip in the Tyler Digital LED widescreen HDTV. Many input sockets are also available in this product that let you attach additional speakers or other devices.

The ports include HDMI, USB, VGA, RCA, USB, and Coax input. This is exceptionally helpful when you seek to connect it to a DVD player, gaming console, or Xbox. Moreover, you can also use it as a MAC PC. This widescreen HDTV has good lighting or illumination in the background. This helps your eyes in the glare and flicker, thus reducing stress and tension on your eyes.


  • Widescreen flat LED television
  • 1366x768p max resolution
  • Colorful and vibrant images that appear life-like
  • Lightweight and portable television set
  • HDMI, USB, VGA, RCA, USB, and Coax Input
  • No stand but wall mountable brackets
  • Compatible with MAC and PCs, stereo speakers, and AC/DC output


  • Remote-controlled TV
  • Digital LED with V-chip for parental control
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Stylish, sleek design that looks appealing
  • Easy installation

#5. Eyoyo 12-inch TV Mini 16:9 TFT LCD

The Eyoyo 12-inch mini television is compact and smart, measuring 11.6 inches diagonally. It is one of the best 15 inches TVs in 2021, according to customer reviews. It is best known for its reliability and durable build. The product uses top-notch technology to give you bright clear visual output with better resolution and sharp colors.

The monitor has 1366 x 768 high resolution. Moreover, it has built-in features that output HD sound with remarkable quality. The television placement is quick and easy; you can place it anywhere using its stand or even mount it on the wall using brackets.

The Eyoyo 12-inch TFT LCD HD monitor has a built-in multi-language OSD menu. This menu helps navigation is controls and makes it easy and simple. This device’s good quality audio and video make sure that you get a great listening and watching experience.


  • 6-inch diagonal dimension
  • 1cm x 29.6cm screen size
  • 1366 x 768 high-resolution LCD TFT monitor
  • 160-degree horizontal and 140-degree vertical video monitor screen viewing angle
  • Strong anti-jamming feature
  • Multiple inputs like VGA, BNC, AV, HDMI
  • Useful as a monitor for PC, CCTV system TV stick, a rearview camera, or indoor security
  • Wall mountable television set
  • Rotatable sturdy base enables a better viewing experience


  • Multi-language OSD menu
  • Versatile functionality
  • Multiple video input
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • 0-45 degrees operating temperature
  • Build-in HD loudspeakers in the television

#4. Supersonic 15.6-inch TV LED

The SuperSonic 15.6 inches LED widescreen television is a perfect pick for you if you admire large displaying devices. Due to its versatility, it is suitable for use at home, office, dorm rooms, or even in your garage. It has compactness and portability because it is lightweight and takes up little space. Relocating the product and placing it in a different area is not a problem anymore.

The SuperSonic 15.6 LED television has a very short response time of 16ms. The lesser the response time, the great viewing experience makes the end-user pleased. This device’s digital noise reduction feature makes it unique from the other devices available in the market. The SuperSonic 15.6 inches widescreen LED TV has multiple sound modes; you can find one that perfectly fits your requirements.

You get full control of the television because of its easy-to-access controls. The SuperSonic 15.6 inches LED widescreen television has a great quality build, and good material is used for its construction. Most customers appreciate the texture of the television that is easy to wipe clean. Moreover, the television is durable and sturdy enough to withstand any damage or strain, along with discoloration or cracking.


  • Comes in white color
  • 6-inch diagonal dimension
  • LED-LCD HDTV widescreen TV
  • 1080p high resolution
  • HDMI and USB input compatible
  • Multiple picture modes
  • Compatible with Amazon Firestick and other video consoles


  • Remote-controlled television
  • HDMI connectivity
  • 120 Hz refresh rate
  • 720p resolution
  • Multiple HDMI ports
  • AC power adapter
  • Versatile functionality

#3. RCA 15-inch TV Clearview HDTV

The RCA Clearview 15 inches HDTV is one of the best when it comes to transparent LED televisions. The picture quality and resolution of the TV are great, and customers appreciate the 720p resolution. The TV is smartly designed with a space-saving and sleek structure. This television is suitable for flat tabletops or counters; you can even wall-mount the device.

The TV is made from polycarbonate material that is well known for its robustness and durability. There are multiple inputs like HDMI, USB, VGA, and RF for easy attachment to various external gadgets and devices to give you a smooth and pleasurable experience. The TV can last for a long time while functioning quite well. The television has a unique Clearview structure that looks pleasing to the eye.

Moreover, its versatility can make it work as a monitor for your computer or gaming console. If the need arises, you can also connect it to your smartphone or mobile tablet. The audio quality in the RCA Clearview HDTV is amazing; the clear HD sound hits a different level each time. The speakers in this television have a wide range, and you need not attach additional speakers to improve the volume level. The RCA 15 inch Clearview HDTV comes with a 1-year warranty that helps in any malfunction or problematic situation.


  • 720p 60Hz high resolution
  • Slim profile and clear view body
  • 15-inch screen
  • Polycarbonate body
  • HDMI Port, VGA, RF Antenna Jack
  • Crystal clear audio and video
  • Full function remote control


  • Remote-controlled TV
  • Multiple inputs
  • Wall mount and stand placement design
  • Clear slim body
  • Headphone jack for private listening

#2. Pyle 15.6-Inch LED TV

When we make a list of the best 15-inch televisions, including the Pyle 15.6-Inch LED TV in this list is a must. It has a sleek and smart design that adds to its appeal. The build and quality of this television are promising, making it last for a long time. You will applaud the HD picture quality with its 1080p resolution that comes with bright, sharp colors and vibrant images.

The device is versatile and suitable to place in multiple scenarios equally. You can use it in your homes, studios, offices, or workplaces. Installation of the television is fairly simple and easy; you can place it on any flat surface of your choice or hang it on the wall using brackets.

The TV is perfect for individuals who want to keep a watch on what their kids are watching, with the help of a V-chip. A built-in tuner card in the Pyle 15.6 inch LED TV enables you to view on-air broadcasts for free when you only need to attach the antenna to the device. The television also supports VGA, and hybrid component video connections are also present on this device.

The Pyle 15.6 inch LED TV has great audio as well that comes from high-performing built-in audio speakers. The TV has outstanding audio, thanks to the durable built-in audio speakers. It measures 16 inches and comes in a slim profile to suit small areas.


  • 6-Inch LED widescreen TV
  • Full HD 1080p resolution
  • HDMI Cable, Mac PC, RCA Input
  • Audio streaming, stereo speakers
  • Compatible with PC and MAC
  • Wall-mountable
  • Features a V-chip
  • Top panel control


  • Remote-controlled device
  • Parental control
  • Slim profile
  • Versatile usage
  • Multiple viewing modes
  • Full-range speakers

#1. SuperSonic SC-1512 LED 15.6-inch Widescreen HDTV

SuperSonic is a trusted name in the television and monitor manufacturers. The Supersonic SC-1512 LED 15.6 widescreen HDTV is the best of all options for 15-inch TVs. The versatile usage of the television is best for use at the office, home, garage, workshop, or hostel room. It has a compact size, and you can use it as the wall mounting unit or placing at the tabletops or counters around your premises. The build of the television is durable and sturdy that is guaranteed to last a long time.

The SuperSonic SC-1512 Widescreen HDTV brings you bright and vivid videos with high-resolution image quality. These good-quality images are accompanied by clear sound as well, which makes the overall experience much better. The customers claim that the picture quality is so good that you feel as if you are taking part in the action going on on the screen.

Another super cool fact of the SuperSonic SC-1512 is that it has a refresh rate of 60 Hz. The image that is displayed on the television screen will refresh 60 times every second. It is considered a good enough refresh rate in flat-screen televisions; the higher the refresh rate in the televisions, the more natural the image will appear on the screen.

The stylish and sleek design of the television is easy to clean and maintain. It allows you to play DVDs and CDs with a built-in player. You do not need to attach a separate device to the TV for this. Plus, it’s lightweight, helping in portability and easy relocation of the device. The television design is simple yet stylish, with buttons for easy access to the controls. The interface is user-friendly and easy to use.


  • 6-inch widescreen HDTV
  • Built-in DVD Player
  • HDMI, SD, and USB
  • DVD /CDR /CD high resolution
  • Digital noise reduction
  • AC/DC compatible
  • PC input


  • On-screen menu
  • Built-in two-channel speaker
  • Timer function with sleep
  • Car power adapter included
  • Multiple input and headphones included


When you want to purchase a television for yourself that would serve the purpose of viewing, and you can place it at the home, workplace, den, or in your dorm room, the struggle of finding the perfect device is real. While you are spending money out of your pocket, you want to wisely pick the best product out of countless available options. This selection takes a lot of your time and effort. Customers want all the good features that too without spending a lot of their money. Moreover, the candidate must be long-lasting.

In this article, we have helped you with the selection of the best 15 inches television. We have compiled a list of the top products in this category while looking at their best features that the customers appreciate. All of these 15-inch televisions are versatile in use and robust while being cleverly designed. They have a user-friendly interface and a sleek and smart design. All of the customers demand good picture and audio quality when they are buying a television.

The recommendations we have brought to you in this article are thoroughly tested and reviewed by real-life customers. They are competitively priced while having all the good features that customers want in a 15-inch television. While making the selection, just try not to get carried away by the perfection you seek in a television. Like any other commodity, no television can be picture perfect. Focus on the best and weigh up your options until you can make a wise decision for yourself. Have a great viewing experience!

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