10 Best Blenders

Do you want to refresh yourself in this hot summer spell? Let’s try some smoothie or a frozen dessert at home? Yes, with one of the best blenders on your kitchen counter, you can turn fruits into delicious smoothies. Simply crush the fruits with ice and turn them into a fine paste. The blenders we will review in this article are equally efficient for homes, laboratories, and industries.

A blender is an electronic appliance that consists of rotating metal blades to chop. They are made of either glass or plastic and powered by an electronic motor. You may be intrigued to know more about this invention. It was in the early twentieth century when blenders appeared in the market. With time, different types of blenders with better features were introduced. Today there is an overwhelming number of blenders with varied features and materials available in the market. You must be interested in purchasing one. Of course, that is why you are here. We are here to help you along the way.

This article will discuss the top ten blenders, their features, pros and cons, and some interesting facts about blenders.

Best blenders – Our Top Picks


Wantjoin Professional countertop blender is built-in with hardened stainless steel blades to chop and blend the ingredients in the perfect texture as desired and has a speed of up to 30,000 RPM. These blades create a whirlpool pool effect, which enables the solids to travel to the bottom from the top, creating a homogeneous mixture by proper contact of each particle with the blades. In addition, the blender is designed in a way that makes blending easy and quick.

Its timer may make your life much easier as you can decide the blending time when pouring down your ingredients in the blender. It may be one of your best purchases as it is more than just a blender; it is a multi-functional blender for you because it acts as a juicer, coffee grinder, food processor, smoothie machine, meat grinder, ice cream machine as well as baby food machine. Preventing you from different types of cancers, Wantjoin Professional Countertop Blender is BPA-free and safe to use.


  • 74 pounds weight
  • Made up of rubber
  • Auto-cleaning
  • BPA free pitcher making it safe even for babies
  • 2200 ml capacity to blend
  • Multi-functional (7 in 1 blender)

Pros & Cons

  • Efficient blending
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Maintains timings
  • The relatively high noise level


Made with plastic, Ninja HB 152 Foodi Heat i-Q Blender possesses a 56 oz liquid capacity to blend. Its high-speed, efficient blades have made shearing easier and convenient, especially for crushing ice. Moreover, it contains an 800 Watt heating element to be used for soups and infused drinks. Thus, Ninja HB 152 blender is suitable for hot liquids. It even simmers the sauces and dips in a couple of minutes.


  • 56 oz capacity of blending liquid
  • 49 pounds weight
  • Made up of plastic
  • 1400 peak watt motor base
  • It comes with a recipe guide
  • One year warranty
  • Installed with 12 Auto i-Q programs



The most powerful blender system by Ninja is equipped with a 1400 peak watt power-dense motor to crush and process the food. Preventing from stalling, this food blender will make your life at ease as you don’t need to shake or stir the contents after sliding them in the blender.

Ninja SS351 Foodi Power Blender, with its primary function of crushing and blending, can act as a food processor. It can also make smoothie bowls and mix the dough. It is versatile as it provides a single base for three different-sized blender jars as per the customer’s requirement at a particular time. The motor is built in the way to prevent stalling and to bear the heavy loads. It is known to be one of the best powerful blender systems.


  • 72 oz blender jar with 24 oz cup and 14 oz smoothie bowl maker
  • 1200 watt powerful motor base
  • 2 pounds weight
  • 6 preset auto i-Q programs
  • It comes with a recipe guidebook

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use and clean
  • Excellent suction and blending power
  • Good shear and speed control
  • Irritating noise level


Containing dual direction blade technology, Oster Blender Pro 1200 is a blessing granted at a low price. Compared to the last model of Oster, this blender is 50% more efficient for having a large blade system that blends and crushes in both forward and reverse directions. The blades are designed to blend the ingredients quickly and accurately. It is easy to handle, made of plastic, and lightweight. Besides, it has great shearing strength. With 7 different speeds, you can select the one you need. In addition, it comes with a Duralast All-Metal Drive limited warranty of 10 years.


  • 7 pounds weight
  • Made up of plastic
  • Vast selection for your desired smoothness with 7 different speeds
  • A cord of about 16 inch

Pros & Cons

  • Versatile
  • Excellent blending power
  • Easy to clean
  • Loud noise level


Made with glass, Black and Decker bring a countertop blender with 5 cup glass jar capacity. A perfect choice to control the speed of rotating blades and shear rate with ten different speeds, this countertop blender is a great option for speed control. Packed with removable parts, it is easy to clean in the dishwasher.

Black and Decker countertop blender is provided with 550 Watt of blending power motor. Being high in versatility, you can prepare any food item from puree to iced drinks. The four rotating blades are sharp enough to turn any solid component into a puree with great efficiency.


  • 3 pounds weight
  • 550 watts motor
  • Made up of glass
  • 10 different blending speeds
  • 5 cup jar capacity for crushing and blending

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to handle, preventing any spill
  • A vast choice for blending speed
  • High noise level
  • Low durability


Designed with a slim structure, Ninja personal blender is specially made for a single serving. It is packed with two lids so that you may take your smoothie while traveling. The base motor is strong enough to support the crushing and blending of any component.

The blender is guaranteed to be dishwasher safe for cleaning with ease and accuracy. The sharp edges blades are a perfect choice to crush ice and blend frozen components. It comes with the pulse feature and a one-year limited warranty. However, there is only one speed to be selected when preparing your desired food product. Luckily, the two cups, blades, and lids are all dishwasher safe making you relieved from the stress of cleaning the blender after use.


  • 700-watt base motor
  • Two cups each with 16 oz capacity and lids
  • 63 pounds weight
  • Made up of plastic, avoiding breakage during travel and storage

Pros & Cons

  • Packed with lids, it can be used during travel
  • Has manual control for blending speed
  • Easy to store
  • Small single serving size


Containing 12 blending functions, Hamilton Beach Blender operates on just five buttons! Of course, the most important thing any customer wants while purchasing a blender is easy to clean after use. And fortunately, Hamilton Beach Blender’s jar, lid, and blades are all removable and safe to clean using the dishwasher.

Packed with a 700 watts motor base, it is suitable for crushing the ice and blending the ingredients into a fine and smooth consistency. You will not have any mess while pouring from your Hamilton beach blender. The blender is shockproof, and the thermal resistance of the glass jar makes it an excellent choice for blending hot liquids.


  • 40 oz blending jar
  • Made of glass
  • Dishwasher safe with the removable jar, blades, and lid
  • 700 watts motor base
  • 62 pounds weight
  • 3-year warranty

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to clean manually and also in the dishwasher
  • Good shear strength
  • Thermal resistant jar suitable for hot liquids
  • High noise level


Hardened stainless steel blades have made blending all sorts of ingredients from tough to soft easier and quicker. A variety of textures can be obtained using different speed controls of Vitamix Explorian Blender.  It is designed to be cleaned in just half a minute with just a single dishwashing liquid and glass water.

The long cord attached allows you to place the blender wherever you want, even slightly from your socket. The blender is provided a cooling system with thermal protection preventing the system from overheating. It is fortunately dishwasher-friendly as the non-removable blades are difficult to clean with hands when something gets stuck in them.


  • It comes in variety of colours (red, black and slate)
  • Made up of tritan
  • 5 pounds weight
  • 48 oz maximum liquid capacity to be blended
  • 5 feet long cord
  • Cooling motor preventing from over-heating

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use
  • Makes less noise
  • It is versatile in providing a variety of textures
  • Expensive


Blending speed is in your control when you are using Ninja Professional plus Blender with four manual programs. The new modern design has a more powerful motor, and the blades are perfect for crushing the ice into snow. Ninja Professional Plus blender, with its maximum capacity of 64 oz, is enough to feed your whole family at a time with delicious smoothies. Three preset auto i-Q programs are allowing you to make anything desired, from ice creams to frozen drinks just with a single touch. The flavors are preserved with the great smoothness of every single ingredient along with the end product.


  • 1 pounds weight
  • 1400 watts powerful motor
  • 64 oz maximum blending liquid capacity
  • It comes with a recipe book, a quick guide to start, and an instructions outlet

Pros & Cons

  • An auto i-Q feature where the speed selection for any product will not bother you
  • Versatile to be used from drinks to salad dressings
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent blending power
  • Built-in with auto shut off feature to be automatically turned off when overheated
  • Not suitable for blending hot liquids
  • A loud noise of blending


The blender topping the list is Nutribullet ZNBF30500Z Blender Combo. Packed with a multi-serving pitcher, this blender contains three precision speeds. This feature provides your taste buds with various soups, smoothies, sauces, and nut butte textures. With excellent blending power and less noise, it is highly versatile. With the accuracy of three precision speeds, the final product’s texture is in your hand. The cyclonic action of hardened stainless steel blades is enough to blend and grind your components. The pitcher and the cups are high in durability. The BPA-free plastic pitcher and cups and powerful stainless steel blades have made this blender come first in the list of best blenders around the globe. The cleaning is easy and simple in the dishwasher using soap and water.


  • 4 pounds weight
  • Made up of stainless steel and plastic
  • 64 oz blender capacity
  • 2 cups with 24 and 32 oz capacity with two lids
  • 1200 watt powerful motor at the base
  • 1-year warranty
  • Built regarding the standard of North America and Canada

Pros & Cons

  • 3 blender bodies of different sizes to select the one which suits your requirement at a particular time
  • Standardized with North American and Canadian Standard
  • Powerful motor to support the blender
  • The plastic body is prone to scratching if not handled with proper care

Frequently Asked Questions

What should be the minimum power of the blender to be purchased?

The minimum power of a blender should be around 500 watts with ice-crushing blades because with time, the motor of cheaper blenders is affected badly, and usage of ice can make the blades dull, which may hinder further food processing. So go for the blender with enough power to withstand the adverse effects and hardened stainless steel blades that make blending smooth with their sharp edges preventing any dullness in them.

How do I clean my blender?

Cleaning the blender is not a difficult task. Many blenders come with an Auto-cleaning feature. You need to add a couple of drops of dishwashing soap and some water in the blender for them. Then, your get your blender cleaned at the push of a button.

For the other blenders containing removable jars and lids, you can wash them manually or in the dishwasher as per the instructions.

What points should I keep in my mind before buying a blender for my family?

First of all, you need to decide the overall usage. If you live alone or want a blender to travel alone, a single serving blender is the best option for you as it comes with the lid. So your blender becomes your glass to drink the smoothie. But if you want to have three to four glasses of blended puree together, go for large-sized blenders keeping in mind that the larger the blender, the more the accuracy and price.

Secondly, set your budget. Note down the price of blenders that fall on your list.

The last thing you have to do is check the customer reviews for every blender on your list. Then select the one which has the best reviews.


A blender is an appliance used to chop and blend the food making smoothies and puree. It is among the most-used items in your kitchen for processing your food like a smoothie, soup, frozen dessert, or puree. Different types of blenders come with different functions, sizes, and features. Made of either rubber, stainless steel, plastic, or glass, every blender in the above article is said to be the best in its way regarding its size, durability, perfection, blending power, operating power, ease of handling, and ease of use. However, noise is one of the main drawbacks a blender possesses, but to overcome this defect, many blenders especially used in bars, are covered with sound shields. In addition, many blenders used in homes and industries have manufactured blenders with the additional airflow, and the components are mounted with rubber to keep noise low during blending.

Set your budget, look for the reviews, and go for your desired one by keeping all the features, pros, and cons in your mind.

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