10 Best Call Blocker for Landline

Are you having a hard time having peace in your home? Do the landline keep ringing while you are busy with household work or spending quality family time? When you want to rest at home in a silent environment, do the robocalls disturb you to limits? If so, then it’s not only you.

A million people all over the world are frustrated because of the daily and a countless number of calls, which they don’t want to receive. But since nobody knows who the caller is, you have to pick up the phone to find out. However, if the call ends up not being important, you not only waste your time but also your energy.

Wouldn’t it be better if anyone could filter these calls for you, and you would get to talk to the people you want to listen to? If your answer is yes, then you are going to love the top 10 list of Landline Call Blockers, we compiled for you. To ease up your pain of getting constant nuisance phone calls, which from now on, will no longer be a problem. So without any further ado, let’s start the countdown.

Note: Remember, for these blockers to start functioning with your landline phones. The services of Caller IDs are needed from your network providers.

10 Best Call Blocker for Landline – Our Top Picks

CPR V5000 Best Call Blocker for Landline

The CPR V5000 is currently the most admired call blocker for landlines with over a million stoners all over the world. Providing social proof of their product’s striking performance, with a reasonable price.

Easy to install and connect to the wireless or landline phone, without eating up an additional main power switch for it. It is pre-loaded with a robocall database of 5000 numbers, which were reported to the FCC for having a disturbing trait towards the call attending subjects.

On the top of the device, there is a big red button, the ‘Block Now’ button. That’s the one you have to press to get rid of all the unwanted calls. To experience this magic of blocking annoying calls, you need to enter #2 to enable the blocking function, by feeding it into the blocker’s memory. You can enter the numbers to create your block list, and by pressing the ‘Block List’ button. Or you can either withdraw numbers from the blocker, simply by clicking the ‘Delete’ button. All these functions are manually operated, in a user-friendly way.

The extra blocking options involve private blocking, area code blocking, International blocking, unknown blocking, and “0” type calls blocking. If any of the mentioned options appeared on the blocker’s screen, it will instantly reject the call. Including fake numbers containing several variations of 0s. Not only the functions are easy to maneuver. But since it is being used worldwide, the comfort of multiple languages (like English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish) is also there. Which enables to execute the functions in your specific language. Plus, the wide range of line compatibility includes all essential USA landline providers, such as Gigaset, Philips, Panasonic, AT&T, VTech, Motorola, Uniden etc.

The package shows up with 4 types of guides, which include installation manual, user guide, application guide and specification sheet.


  • Color: Black
  • Built-in list : 5000 robocall numbers.
  • Blocking limit : 1500
  • Compatible with : all USA landlines and home phones.
  • Block calls : robocalls, scam calls, political calls, Insurance calls, International, private, unavailable unknown callers and area codes.

Pros & Cons

  • Makes a perfect gift.
  • Easy to set up and configure.
  • Utilizes the existing free phone line for main power.
  • Connects instantly with the landline.
  • Lifetime technical support with a 3-year warranty.
  • No backlight for viewing numbers in the dark.
  • No hyphens present between displayed numbers.


MCHEETA Call Blocker for Landline 801 New Version

The Mcheeta is among the most popular call blockers for landlines. The stoners are assured of its quality and durability, while the performance of this unit has also been praised.

It’s easy enough to install and utilize, by connecting it to your landline phone with a single plug-in. The number-blocking capacity of the device is over 4000 numbers, which is quite a bit.

It comes with a list-creating option, for unwanted and irritating calls to be separated in a Blacklist. While the awaited and pleasantly accepted calls, should be listed under the White list option.

Below the screen of the device, you will find a big red ‘Block’ button, with a one-touch function. That’s the one you have to click on, for stopping any worthless call you don’t want to attend. But anyone can make a mistake while entering the numbers in the correct list. Therefore, in case you blocked a number by accident, you can still retrieve it. By first pressing the red ‘Block’ button, then press the toggle key to track down the number from the block list again. And finally, press the delete key twice until ‘Save-Succeed’ shows up, to simply undo it.

It also offers a remote handset blocking function, in which you can press “ * ” (star) while answering a phone. And if you hang up after it, that number will be saved as blocked. The smart call blocker is designed to filter all incoming calls, private calls, unknown area, and out of area calls, all of these even without the caller ID. They deliver a vast range of line compatibility with almost all the USA landlines. Which includes AT&T, VTech, Comcast, Philips, Ooma, Panasonic, Uniden, and so on.

The package includes an installation guide, a user manual along with a user guide. A cord to plug into your landline, with a warranty card intact.


  • Color: Black
  • Built-in list: N/A
  • Blocking limit: 4000
  • Compatible with: 99% of USA landlines
  • Block calls robocalls, cold calls, telemarketing calls, political calls, scam calls, etc.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to configure and setup.
  • Single plug in can connect it with your landline.
  • No additional cables required.
  • Comes with a year-long warranty.
  • Makes an ideal gift.
  • No display of caller ID.
  • No multiple language options.


SENTRY V1.0 Dual Mode Call Blocker

The Sentry call blocker is among the most used blocking units for multiple reasons. One of which is the quick turn around of customer service, which makes the stoners feel special. While their immediate response rate, practically takes care of the problem, regardless of the issue. Leaving a warm impression towards the user, which adds value to their product’s reliability factor.

Easy to work around, no rocket science required for setting up the blocker. Simply plug in and establish a quick connection with your landline phone. It has simple operational buttons with a White-list or accept, option. Where the other is the Black-list or reject option. Other two options include, ‘Voice’ and ‘Home’ buttons, with a toggle-button in the center.

The functions are easily understandable. Which are to distinguish between the important and nuisance calls, by placing them under the correct list. Since it blocks everything that is not listed in the white list, considering it a scam by default. It blocks all solicited calls, while suggesting the potentially right caller to press “0”, for the call to pass through the blocker. Where it rings normally for the desired caller, to get straight through the blocker without any problem or announcement.

The ease to perform all these above mentioned instructions, is possible from the multiple language options. Hence, that comfort of multiple languages include English, Spanish, and German. They also offer a broad range of line compatibility with almost all available landlines.

The package includes the call blocker unit, with a classic white color, without any additional guides.


  1. Color: White
  2. Built-in list : N/A
  3. Blocking limit : 1500
  4. Compatible with : all U.S landlines
  5. Block Calls : Robocalls, telemarketing calls, election calls, survey calls, political calls, donation calls, spam calls, etc.

Pros & Cons

  • No external power required.
  • Works with both, cordless and wire-attached phones.
  • Announces the caller ID out loud, to tell if the call is worth attending.
  • Unless you white list an important number, it will get blocked as well.


Call Control Home – Automatically Block Calls

Call Control Home is an automatic call blocking device, with an attractive black color. It works through the app which has to be downloaded first on your smartphone. You can easily operate it through your Android or iPhone, due to which it doesn’t require any additional programming or many cables to attach. The only two slots present behind the device for plug-in options, are for your telephones, and the other for the wall jack.

The outlook of this device is not similar to a normal call blocking unit, which has a screen with a red ‘Block’ button on top of it. Rather, it has a single shield symbol, on the center of the device. Which has no extra buttons, since it is not a manually operating device but works through the mobile app. For automatically blocking calls, it uses CommunityIQ (the smartest call blocking technology) with other partnered government sources like the FTC/FCC.

The best function of this device is that it can be connected to not only your landline. But also your smartphone, and VOIPs, through the app using the syncing option. You can keep your Block list updated through your smartphone, without manually adding the numbers to your call blocker unit. Connected to the unit, It stops even those one ring calls which the caller hangs up quickly after it is announced by the devices.

If you accidentally blocked an important call, go to the Blocked Caller List, after opening up your Call Control app. Simply get it out of that blocked number list, and you can receive their calls again. You can set it up in a way that only the numbers in your phone’s contact list can call you even on your landline and no other calls will ring through it, if you don’t want them. It will even stop those calls which show no numbers on the caller ID. However, you can set up other numbers which are not included in your contact list, to go directly to voicemails.

They offer a wide range of line compatibility with almost all available landlines. Which includes AT&T, Verizon, BT, Comcast, etc.

The package includes the automatic call blocker unit with installation instructional guide. Also they offer product-defect warranty for a year, and a 30 day customer refund guarantee policy.


  • Color: Black
  • Built-in list : N/A
  • Blocking limit : 250
  • Compatible with : landline phones, home phones, and VOIPs.
  • Block calls : Robocalls, telemarketing calls, spam calls, political calls, etc.


Pros & Cons

  • Easy to set up, following the instructions.
  • Connect to both, your phone, landline, and even VOIPs as well.
  • No need to add numbers to the device after syncing it to the app in your phone.
  • For blocking calls on your smartphone, you need to subscribe to the premium version.


Panasonic Call Blocker for Landline Phones

Panasonic Call Blocker, block landline phone-calls and has been used and appreciated widely for its quality performance.

Easy single plug in set up with the landline for connecting the device to the landline phones. Basic operations of buttons, which mainly include ‘Block list’, and ‘Caller list’, with a big red ‘Block Call’ button in the center of the unit. Which is used to block the calls by simply pressing it.

The call blocker unit has a total capacity of over 16000 numbers which can be blocked through it. Out of which, a list of 14000 numbers of telemarketing calls and robocalls, are already enlisted in a pre-loaded manner. Which gives you the option to block 2000 additional calls, manually.

An indicating green LED light, placed right next to the screen, blinks to tell you that the call is important and worth attending. However, if the call is from an unknown number instead, the blinking light will be red. It blocks all unknown calls, international calls and even those 00 prefixes that confuses other units from blocking the calls.

You can make your own block list of up to 30 registered numbers, by pressing the red ‘Block Call’ button, even while the phone is ringing. The moment you register the number by blocking, it will neither be displayed nor be received in the future. Similarly, you can also create your own personal database of family and friends, by storing up to 100 numbers into the device.

The unit has a bilingual functionality trait, which means it has two options for languages, that is, English and Spanish. It even announces the caller ID in, set up language configuration.

The package includes the call blocker unit, its plug in cable, with a user manual.


  • Color: Black
  • Built-in list : 14000 robocall numbers
  • Blocking limit : 16000 total (Manually 2000 remaining)
  • Compatible with :
  • Block calls : robocalls, telemarketing calls,

Pros & Cons

  • General set up configurations.
  • The bright LCD makes it easy to read in the dark.
  • Blinking lights tell the difference between important or scam calls.
  • Only blocks the number after they call you. Doesn’t allow manually feeding the number before the call.


CPR V10000 Call Blocker for Landline Phones

CPR V10000 is a landline call blocker with over a million stoners admiring its performance and reliability of the product, all over the world.

Easy to set up and simple to configure settings, to start it’s blocking functions. Connects quickly to your landline phone without any additional main power source requirement. Instantly connect with your landline phones and start blocking all the unwanted, frustrating calls before they can get to you.

It has a pre-organized database of 10000 known and registered robocall numbers, confirmed by the FCC as a scam or nuisance callers. Which the blocking unit doesn’t allow to pass through, and rejects their call without wasting a second. Not only that, it allows you to create your personal blocklist by adding further 2000 numbers to it, manually. From any cordless phone, press #2 to activate the Block Now button for blocking unwanted calls.

The operation of the unit is like any other call blocking device, with a big red ‘Block Now’ button to press for blocking the call. The number is blocked when the screen displays the word ‘Successful’ on it.

The other main buttons include ‘Allow List’ and the ‘Blocking List’, through which you can add or withdraw numbers in a manual manner. In case of an accidental block, you can simply go to the block list and delete the number from which you want to receive calls from in the future.

The device offers a vast variety of line compatibility with all the leading USA landline providers. Which includes AT&T, Verizon, Ooma, Charter, Frontier, Hawaiian Telcom, Fairport, Comcast, Windstream, Cincinnati Bell, Centurylink, etc. It also delivers phone compatibility with a broad variety of major landline phone developers like Panasonic, AT&T, Philips, Gigaset, VTech, Swissvoice, Motorola, Uniden, etc.

Since it is used worldwide for blocking the calls, it has provided its users with a comfort of operating the device in their local language. The wide range of language options, increase its desirability as a product towards the user. Thus except from a universal English option, you can switch to Spanish, Italian, French, and even German.

The package includes the call blocking unit with a warranty of 3 years for any defect found in the device, along with a lifetime of technical support.


  • Color: Black
  • Built-in list : 10000 robocall numbers
  • Blocking limit : 2000
  • Compatible with : all USA landline and home phones
  • Block calls : robocalls, scam calls, political calls, unknown calls international calls, private calls, unknown calls, area codes, etc.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy setup and configuration.
  • Uses the landline’s free main power
  • Not even 0 prefixes can pass through this blocker.
  • The screen quickly gets back to the main interface even after a slight pause in activity.


T-LOCK Telephone Call Blocker

The T-Lock is a telephone call blocker device in a white color with an elegant outlook overall.

Easy to set up, the device operations are basic, simple to connect with the landline phone with two slots available behind the unit for plug in options. One is for the wall jack and the other for connecting the landline phone with it.

The device only stores the blocked numbers, all other numbers will qualify as a friend and family numbers by default, and will pass through the blocker. Therefore, to block any call, press the red button once, and log it into the Black list. In the black list, you can block up to 1500 telephone numbers, of over 6-16 digit long. While it can block over 10 calls, either of multiple 0 prefixes, or other area codes of 1-5 digit numbers in length. It can display a saved list of the last 100 incoming calls received, with an outgoing call data of 50 most recent ones.

The phone compatibility includes FSK/DTMF, PSTN landlines, DSL lines and VOIP services. With line compatibility with Vonage, Magic jack, FIOS, COMCAST, Verizon, etc.

The packaging includes the telephone call blocker unit, with a RJ11 patch cord, a user manual, free technical support and a year long subscription.


  • Color: White
  • Built-in list : N/A
  • Blocking limit : 1500 phone numbers
  • Compatible with : landline phones and VOIPs.
  • Block calls : robocalls, telemarketing calls, national and international calls, area codes, 0 prefixes, private, unknown, out of area, etc.

Pros & Cons

  • 4 Brightness levels of screen while displaying the numbers on LCD.
  • No need of getting a Caller ID.
  • No additional cable required.
  • No caller announcement feature.

ODSEN Call Blocker for VoIP Landline Phone

The Odsen is a call blocker, which works for VOIPs, other landline phones. It is applauded and recommended due to the quick turn around of the customer support service, for solving all kinds of issues of their users.

Easy set up process. Simply plug the landline cable into the call blocker, and connect the unit with the cable delivered in the package with the landline phone, to start functioning.

The operation is simple, use the red block button to block up to 4000 unwanted calls. Press the block button first to get to the block list, then delete the accidentally blocked number from the list to get the calls back.

It offers 99% compatibility to all prominent USA landline providers and landline phone developers.

The package includes the call blocker unit, a plug in cable, a user manual, along with a lifetime warranty for technical support.


  • Color: Black
  • Built-in : N/A
  • Blocking limit : 4000 numbers
  • Compatible with : 99% of USA landline phones
  • Block calls : robocalls, telemarketing calls, political calls, international calls, survey calls, No caller ID calls, solicitor calls, scam calls, etc.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to set up and operate.
  • Incredibly compact size and design of unit.
  • Powered by landline’s cable.
  • No option to create a white list.

Sentry 2.0 Phone Call Blocker

Sentry 2.0 performs as a call blocking device to landline phones with a (similar to previous models) two slot plug in system, having a white decent outlook, along with 2 AAA batteries requirement.

It has a blocking range of over 1500 numbers, which works automatically, without pressing any red blocking button each time. Instead, after you create a ‘Whitelist’ of friends and family numbers, it recognizes all calls which are not on the list, as scam calls. The new first time callers get offered a ‘Auto save to Whitelist’ option by pressing “0” to pass through the blocker. It can also be configured to create a ‘Blacklist’, and only block calls which are on that list.

It is compatible with landline phones. The packaging includes the landline call blocking device, with a user, and a manual guide.


  • Color: White
  • Built-in list : N/A
  • Blocking limit : 1500 numbers
  • Compatible with : landline phones
  • Block calls : robocalls, telemarketing calls, solicitor calls, scam calls, etc.

Pros & Cons

  • Regular set up and connection method.
  • Numbers stay intact even if the landline gets disconnected.
  • Whitelist saving 3 easy ways, manually, from the call list or auto save option.
  • New batteries needed within every 6 months.


Digitone ProSeries II Call Blocker for Landline Phones – Automatic Blocker

The Digitone ProSeries ll is an automatic landline call blocker, with millions of numbers logged into its Virtual memory system that keeps on deleting old blocking entries. It is used worldwide, has slightly unique features from other call blocker units.

Different color buttons for four operational settings modes. It block calls by pressing *2#, remotely. The invited list adds the caller through the green button, either from the recent ‘Call History’ button or removed from the blocked number. Press the red button for creating the block list similarly. Press the green button twice, for adding a VIP number to get through even after hours. The blue ‘Program Dial’  button for saving numbers to the list by using specific codes to set specific functions. Names and numbers can be blocked by the red button. Connects to Verizon wireless adapter T2000. It blocks over 50 names besides unavailable numbers, with 80 number limit for area codes and wild strings

Line compatibility includes FIOS, DSL, Cable modems. While phone compatibility includes VOIP adapters from Vonage, Skype, Ooma, Magic Jack, along with ‘Wireless Receivers’ of cell phones.

The package includes the unit with wall mount bracket and an online downloadable user manual for detailed set up and setting configurations.


  • Color: Black
  • Built-in list : unlimited (Virtual Memory)
  • Blocking limit : over 210 names besides numbers (old blocked numbers auto delete)
  • Compatible with : all analog and VOIP adapters
  • Block calls : robocalls, telemarketing calls, cell phones, faxes, scam calls, etc.

Pros & Cons

  • Blocked calls don’t even ring once.
  • Red light flashes while the blocked call arrives.
  • Blocks names and numbers both.
  • Name and caller ID both needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have the area code and the 10-digit number (866-828-9088) listed on my blocker, but still my phone rings. Why?

While blocking calls particularly in the U.S, you need to know that the protocol of the caller ID is slightly different each time you are called by a number. The number may appear as 8668289088, but it can also come through with a little variation in the start. Like 1 866-828-9088, or 01 866-828-9088, or even 001 866-828-9088. Hence, if you don’t want your phone to ring with a blacklisted number. Then you should try entering 1, 01 and 001 before the number as well. It will successfully do the trick for you.

How much better does this new model of CPR V5000 call blocker works, comparatively to the previous one?

The new model of CPR V5000 has some features of improvements over the previous V202 model. It offers amended power in the unit, to perform along with some VOIP providers. While the old model lacked such a thing. Not to mention, the extended limit of 5000 numbers, which are already pre-programmed into the blocker. Where the old model only had a limit of 200. With the block now button, it can block 1500 numbers, while the previous models could only block 1000.

If I want to block all landline numbers of one area code within a single action. Do I still get to block the remaining 1499 numbers afterwards?

You sure do. And to do so, you would only need to input (for instance, 876) the area code to block it. But sometimes international calls display differently and get mixed with country codes on the blocker device. Hence, I would suggest not to forget the 1, 01 and 001 formula before entering the number to blocking list.

Does the device still register calling numbers, if it’s turned off?

The unit will certainly not record any numbers, if you have ‘Unplugged’ it. However, it will still record all incoming calls, if you have pressed the ‘Voice’ button and selected the ‘Off’ option, after toggling through the ABC. Which can later on be entitled under, white list of important calls, or black list of nuisance calls. Therefore, it is suggested that after distinguishing between good or bad calls. Set it back up for English and in-service, by selecting the option ‘A’ on it.

Does the name of caller also appear on the device along with the caller ID?

No. On the screen of the unit, you will only see  the phone number being displayed.



To block unwanted calls, a reliable call blocker is a must-have device. The top 10 list of Landline Call Blockers, we mentioned in the list are not only practical and functional. But also affordable and under $100. Even though every unit we included in the list is outstanding. But we would recommend you to go with the CPR V5000, for its reliable quality and vast number blocking limit. The warranty will also add comfort to your issues of any defect fixtures. While you will enjoy the peaceful atmosphere in your house, regardless of the time.

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