7 Best Electric Nail Files

Have you ever heard the name of carpal tunnel syndrome? The nail techs and manicurists filing your nails with a simple nail file develop this syndrome. It is a consequence of the continuous pressure and movement on their wrists, as they repeat the same movements to give your nails a gorgeous look. A nail drill or electric filer is a time-saving and efficient tool for expert nail technicians. These nail drills are powerful to remove acrylics and shape the thickest part of nails of both hands and toes. They are also capable of buffing the hard calluses in few minutes.

Filing your nails is essential as they give your nails a good shape and structure, keeping them from breaking. This process also avoids the chance of any dirt or bacteria accumulating in parts attached to the skin. Manual files cannot penetrate the corners and shape the hard parts of nails, but electric files with their bits and rotatory movements can refine the nails more precisely.

Using an electric file requires lots of practice, so if you’re thinking of buying one, learn to use it on your nails first with slow movements. Use it on toenails first, as they are less sensitive and harder than those of hands.

There are many different electric nail files in the market that provide different power and speed ranges, weight, sizes, grit ranges, and core materials. So how will you look for the best one for yourself? This article will show you some of the best electric nail files that offer great quality, handling, and, of course, budget. We will discuss their features, and in the end, some common FAQs will guide you furthermore!

Best Electric Nail Files – Our Top Picks

Fancii Professional MYNT Electric Nail File

This innovative and ergonomic electric nail file by Fancii comes with 5 interchangeable heads. This allows you to not just file but also trim, buff, dry and shine your nails comfortably at any place.

This electric nail file has a built in UV dryer that helps in drying your nail/gel polish quickly. The 5 heads are for removing calluses, shaping, refining the cuticles and ridges, shining and buffing. They give your nails a complete and neat look.

It comes with a base that stores all the 5 heads along with electric file and you can easily put it in your bag. Its slim and lightweight design makes it easier to carry around. The battery used in it is 2AAA, making it ultra-portable.


  • Built-in UV dryer
  • Compact battery with 2AAA power
  • 5 interchangeable heads
  • The base that stores 5 bits along with handpiece

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight and easy to grip
  • Portable
  • Removes calluses quickly
  • Good for beginners and home nail care as well as for professionals
  • Amazing gritting ability
  • Sleek and ergonomic design.
  • Not the best for professional use as the battery cannot be recharged
  • No speed option



This beautiful and exclusive design by belle is not only eye-catching but also excels in transforming your nails effortlessly. One of the best of its kind, this nail drill machine offers exceptional nail care at home and professional salons.

This machine is easy to use for beginners. It comes with a foot pedal, and you can operate it on both hand and foot mode. It gives excess to the reverse and forward buttons to adjust easily according to your position without twisting your hand. It also has an LCD that shows its speed, and you can select it according to your needs. This product is manufactured with an upgraded design that delivers trimming, buffing, shinning, cleaning, and removing acrylics and calluses. It gives a smooth performance with no extra vibrations.

This machine has a vertical compact design with 5-bit holders, and you can place it anywhere.  The handpiece is covered with thick silicone, which protects it from over-heating.

So, if you’re looking for an all-rounder electric file machine with a sleek design for your salon/parlor/spa or even home, you can surely look into this one!


  • High torque/ 30,000 RPM
  • LCD
  • 5-bit holders
  • Foot pedal
  • 24W power
  • Variable speed control
  • Thick silicone covering on the handpiece

Pros & Cons

  • Smooth performance
  • No vibration
  • Comfortable speed control
  • Portable and rechargeable
  • Removes acrylic effortlessly
  • Easy bit change
  • Affordable
  • The motor’s durability and stability could be better
  • Overheats easily



This multifunctional nail drill machine by Makartt is designed not just for professionals but for beginners too. It comes with a manual that has a video tutorial teaching you everything this machine can perform. The nail drill has a special ventilation system that protects it to avoid any over-heating.

The motor has a speed controller, which allows you to adjust the speed from 0-3000RPM with your convenience easily. It is also dual operational and has a foot pedal to operate it with both your feet and hands.  It offers great performance in grinding, buffering, shining, removal of acrylic and gel polishes, and sanding. This product comes in 4 different voltage ranges.

Professionally or personally, if you are looking for a durable product at a low cost that gives the best results, you can look into this one!


  • Dual operational
  • It fits every 3/32 bits
  • 4 different voltage ranges
  • Speed controller

Pros & Cons

  • Low noise and low vibration
  • Salon-like nails quickly
  • High-speed bearings
  • Affordable
  • Removes acrylics, cuticles, and gel polishes quickly
  • Works perfectly both professionally and at home
  • The machine can face some difficulties in operating after overuse or overheating.


Pure Enrichment Professional 10 piece Nail Drill Set

This innovative and sleek 10 piece manicure/pedicure set is indeed the best of its kind. It comes with 7 interchangeable heads that deliver a salon-like precision. It performs effortlessly by smoothening, removing, shining, buffering, grinding, and sanding your nails. The heads are made up of sapphire-coated metal that increases their durability and performance. It has a rotational button with a light indicator that shows whether you have selected anticlockwise or clockwise rotation for your convenience. It also has a 2-speed setting. You can put it on low while working on sensitive areas and increase it whenever you want.

The special feature of this product is the built-in grooming light which brightens up the nail you’re working on. This 10-piece set comes in a soft carrying case with which you can conveniently carry it anywhere.

Pure Enrichment gives you a 5-year warranty with this product, so your satisfaction and results are guaranteed!


  • Built-in grooming light
  • Dual rotational option
  • 7 interchangeable heads
  • Sapphire-coated bits
  • Spiral spring AC adaptor, no need for batteries
  • 5-year warranty

Pros & Cons

  • Durable and flexible interchangeable heads
  • Great precision with built-in LED light
  • Smoothens the calluses and corns effectively
  • Gets overheated while using


Innolife Nail Art Acrylic Treatment Kit

This beautiful nail art kit comes with a pen-style handpiece and 6 optional bits. Five of them are diamond bits, and one is an emery rod. They give your nails a salon-like, gorgeous look by sanding, buffering, grinding, cutting, and grooming acrylic and natural nails. It is fit for both personal and professional use and beginners.

The handpiece is to be attached to the electric board with its cord. It is extremely lightweight and easy to carry and also good in appearance. It also gives variable options for speed control from 3000 RPM to 20,000 RPM. The bits excel in removing the acrylics strongly, even work under the nail and hard-to-reach areas.


  • Pen-style design
  • Variable speed control
  • It comes with a cord
  • 6 optional bits

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to grip
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable speed control
  • Work on nails in every nook and corner with precision
  • Sanding bits collection delivers great performance
  • Travel size
  • Speed ranges from 3000 rpm to 20,000 RPM
  • The power cord is too short
  • Over-heats quickly


Bestidy Professional Nail Drill Set

This professional pencil-style nail drill’s body is made up of aluminum alloy. This allows no overheating by dissipating heat efficiently all the time from its self-contained cooling holes. The cordless nail drill can work up to 8 hours after charging for at least 3 to 4 hours. It has a power bank with a USB that can even charge your phone while working on your nails!

The sleek, smart HD LCD shows the power and speed. It comes with 6 bits that work perfectly for sanding, grinding, buffering, sharpening, shaping, and removing the acrylic. They also work amazingly on pet nails too. It is dual rotational, which means it can work forward and reverse. It also has variable speed control, which allows you to adjust the speed from 3000 rpm to 30,000 rpm according to your convenience.

It is extremely portable and has a hook attached to the handpiece. You can attach it to your cloth as it is travel-size, and you can take it anywhere with you!


  • Rechargeable with a power bank
  • Smart LCD
  • Variable Speed range from 3000-30,000 RPM
  • Cordless
  • Pencil-style
  • Aluminum body with cooling holes
  • Works with every 3/32 shank bits

Pros & Cons

  • Adjustable rotational movements
  • Excels in solving hangnails and calluses
  • Remove acrylics and nail jewels efficiently
  • Durability could be better, and the product has an only 1-year warranty


Beurer 24- Piece Professional Manicure And Pedicure Nail Drill Set:

This useful and innovative 24- piece kit by Beurer includes 10 stainless steel bits coated with Sapphire. It also has 10 one-time-use sanding bands made up of sandpaper. It has 18 different speed settings that allow you to adjust speed for your manicure and pedicures easily.

This convenient product has a rechargeable battery with a cord that reaches 10 feet. This nail drill has a built-in LED light that brightens up your working area, making your work easier. It also has a nail dust protective cap. The dual rotational options transform your nails into a gorgeous look with more precision and ease.

It has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to grip and adjustable. The case is travel-size with space for the nail drill, bits, and the cord.

This 24 piece set is one of the best for professional and personal use and is also budget-friendly with a 3-years warranty.


  • Nail dust protective cap
  • Built-in LED light
  • 10 stainless steel bits
  • 10 sanding bands
  • 18 different speed ranges
  • The cord is 10 feet long

Pros & Cons

  • Adjustable speed ranges
  • Affordable and durable
  • Separate bits for people with diabetes
  • Easy to grip and carry
  • No noise and vibration
  • Clockwise and anticlockwise rotation
  • Not designed to use for 220 volts
  • Durability could be increased


Are electric nail files worth buying?

If you are a professional nail tech, electric nail files are the best tool for you. They save time and decrease your chances of developing carpal tunnel syndrome while doing repetitive movements on nails for hours almost regularly. These e-files work more efficiently and quickly than manual files.

The most amazing thing about them is that they clean, remove, and file hard parts of nails and toenails that a manual nail cannot do. So if you want an easy work experience as a nail tech and groom your nail personally at home, salon-like, electric nail files are worth buying.

Do electric files damage nails?

Electric files are designed to remove acrylics, gel polishes, extensions, calluses, gritting hard parts, and cleaning any fungal area. So, in general, they are made strong with high vibrations to carry out the following tasks. That’s why they might damage natural nails, especially when you are not trained to use the electric files. They are powerful, and using them to remove regular nail polish or soft gels can damage the cuticle.

How do I choose the best electric nail file?

Choosing an electric file is a bit hard as it requires you to check speed, power, weight, and rotational movements. First, you should check the power in voltage of the device you are buying. It is recommended that you should buy at least 30V or more because 15V-20V is not powerful enough and don’t last long. Second, you should check the style and weight of the handpiece. It needs to be easy to grip and lightweight so your hand can easily work with it. If you are a professional nail tech, it is better to buy the e-file with both forward and reverse movement options to easily work on your client’s hand without twisting or changing your position. Lastly, the electric file must have standard bits so you can easily replace and fix them.

How to keep your handpiece safe?

Hand-piece is the most important part of an electric file. It has a functional motor and the tools which work on your nails efficiently. To keep them safe and make them last longer, you need to keep them safe from any dust particles and liquids. Make sure the machine is off when you are changing the bit. Don’t put force in pulling out or fitting the bit. Consequently, a bit might break, and a part of it can remain in the handpiece. Also, change the oil once a year.


An electric nail file is an innovative tool that saves time and energy and makes your nails are beautiful. Nail techs who receive 40+ clients every day cannot treat their nails with manual files because the whole process is extremely time-consuming and energy. Their wrist and arms might suffer from repetitive movements, so electric files are the best option.

The best part about e-files is that they are so strong that they easily remove layers of acrylic and gel polishes efficiently in minutes. They also maintain your nails by cleaning them from every nook and corner sidewalls, under the nails, and removing dead skin. They buff away any rough cuticle, lift/shape, infill/ backfill the nails, and polish them. These performances give them a neat, healthy, and gorgeous look with the different bits of ceramic, sandpaper, diamond, silicon, and carbide bits.

To help you decide which one is the best for you, we have compiled a list of “best picks.” We hope that the products we have shortlisted will help you choose the best electric nail file suitable for you and matches your requirements. The “FAQs” will further guide you in deciding your product and answer your queries.

Before deciding on one, make sure that the product has suitable speed ranges, standard bits, power, and comfortable rotatory options and movements. Thus keep these in mind and choose the one wisely!

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