10 Best Papers for Copic Markers

We know arts is one of the ways people express themselves. Arts has made the world beautiful, and artistic people see the world differently. Many artists are born with proficient skills while others learn. This has become a prominent career path for many people. You can see many types of arts these days like sand art, sculpting, painting, and the list goes on.

Sketch and drawing artists use markers. There are many types of markers, and each serves a different purpose. Some draw, some give shadows and shade, and some color the sketch. While many markers are available to purchase, the most expensive and professional-quality markers are Copic markers.

Copic markers are versatile and long-lasting alcohol-based markers. Professional artists use these markers as it gives their art the highest quality. Even though many artists are going digital and trying illustrations and all, nothing can beat hand-drawn artwork.

You might have already guessed it, but you cannot use these markers on regular paper. They can soak and damage any regular paper. So, we will guide you in this article on the top ten best papers you can use for Copic markers. All these papers are worth using, but it all depends on your preference. So, go through this article and see what suits your requirement better.

10 Best Papers for Copic Markers – Our Top Picks

Copic I72B Ciao Markers Set B, 72-Piece

Copic Markers are of the highest quality in the market. Artists use these markers for their professional work. A beginner should not go for these markers as they are very expensive.

Copic I72B Ciao markers set is a complete package. It has 72 markers, replaceable nibs, and the markers are refillable. You can fill the markers with alcohol-based ink, and, being acid-free, they last for a long time. The set also comes with a flexible brush that gives the art a smooth blend and is ideal for painting. There have been no ink smudging issues and no odor.


  • Replaceable nibs
  • Refillable markers
  • Compatible with Copic airbrush
  • Flexible brush

Pros & Cons

  • Comes with replaceable nibs
  • Has markers that you can refill
  • Gives smoothness from its flexible brush
  • Is quite expensive


Bachmore Bleedproof Marker Paper Pad – 9″ X 12″

Now we will talk about the Bachmore Bleedproof Marker Paper Pad. As you can already tell, they are thin, and they do not bleed through when you use Copic markers on them. This shows the quality and texture of the paper. The thin texture allows the paper to absorb less ink and increase the marker’s lifespan.

Bachmore Bleedproof is well known to be one of the best papers to use for Copic markers because they are not just thin in texture, but they give the same quality as the expensive papers but at a lower price.

Bachmore Bleedproof Marker Paper Pad comes in many packages. The most famous one is the premium white that comes with 60 or 50 sheets. The brand has this packaging so that they can provide good quality at a reasonable price. This is a very good strategy as artists must draw multiple arts and drafts and then choose one. Therefore, Bachmore is one of the best papers used.


  • Acid-free
  • Thin texture
  • Durable paper
  • Excellent paper quality
  • Bleedproof
  • Fold-over type sheets

Pros & Cons

  • Comes with a thin texture to absorb less ink
  • Works well with all pencil, pen, and markers
  • Has good quality with lesser price as compared to other similar products
  • Not resistant to smudging


Bee Paper Company 926T30-8511 Bleedproof Marker Pad

What are the important things one can ask for in a marker paper? Smoothness, elegance, and high quality. These three qualities are what the professional artists look for in a paper pad, and Bee paper company is famous for these characteristics. You can use them with Copic markers, crow quill pens, technical pens, permanent markers, etc.

The paper blend is so perfect with alcohol markers that you will feel your money’s worth. The Bee Paper Company has the smoothest paper grain out in the market. If you want to go for the paper that blends well and can hold multiple layers of ink, this is the one for you.

Bee papers have a bleedproof feature that does not allow the ink to bleed through the next page. The artists look for many things in a paper pad because they need to have the best ones according to their work and markers.


  • Smooth paper grain
  • Perfect blending with alcohol markers
  • Elegant look and high quality
  • Acid-free
  • Bleedproof
  • Approved for Copic pen use

Pros & Cons

  • Has one of the best smooth sheets
  • Is compatible with printers
  • Page will not tear off easily
  • Causes patchy colors when too much layering is done


Copic Marker 50 Sheets Copic Sketchbook 5″ X 12″

Japanese papers are very good for artistic work like manga and traditional drawing. They have made some of the best artistic drawings that we know today. This sketchbook is made from a high-class Japanese illustration. The sketchbook has high-grade paper and is bleed-resistant. It is also perfect to use with Copic markers.

This sketchbook gives the artist such a great feeling of comfort as the artist uses it. It improves writing and drawing skills as the artist gets more and more comfortable with it. These sheets work well with artworks or drawings. These papers are also the type of papers used for manga.

Moreover, these sheets allow the artist to use alcohol-based markers. The pages may bend, but they will always dry smoothly. You can also apply a little pressure to it. The sketchbook comes with thick pages that improve the quality of the art and the Copic markers used.


  • Thick papers
  • Bleed resistant
  • Smooth pages
  • Good quality pages

Pros & Cons

  • Is portable
  • Comes with multiple pages in one sketchbook
  • Is durable and resistant to bleed
  • Provides suitable pages for artwork and sketches
  • Has thick pages for smooth drawing
  • May cause smudges
  • Pages tear off easily


U.S. Art Supply Premium Manga-Marker Paper Pad

Manga papers are known to be quite high class. Pages of manga are better than normal comics as they are hand-drawn by different pens and pencils. This manga marker paper pad is an example of how you can use manga pads for Copic markers.

It comes in two pads, each having 24 sheets. Each paper or sheet is acid-free and is pH neutral. This makes them perfect for sketching and drawing. The surface of the manga pad is uniform and smooth. Copic markers feel good on the thick surface of the manga pad.

As compared to normal paper, these manga pads do not bleed much. They have a waxy semi-gloss type texture which helps to prevent the bleeding aspect. Although it requires more drying time, these papers are perfect for inking.


  • Two pads having 24 sheets
  • Acid-free and neutral pH
  • Uniform and smooth surface
  • Waxy semi-gloss texture
  • Good for inking

Pros & Cons

  • Comes with different markers capability
  • Has a lightweight design
  • Has bleed resistance
  • Pages may tear easily


Ohuhu Marker Pads Art Sketchbook, 78 Sheets/156 Pages

Artists show their talent by drawing, writing, or many other different types of arts. It’s their way of expressing themselves. Whether it is an illustration or drawing, artists need a good quality page to work on. Ohuhu marker pads are 78 sheets pack, each made up of high-quality material. These sheets are double-sided, so you get to use 156 pages in total.

These sheets are suitable for many types of pen and markers, including Copic markers. Drawing on these paper pads feels very good. The smooth and flat surface helps the paper pads to avoid smudging, bleeding, and feathering. The artwork will come out clean without any ink issues. These sheets are compatible with alcohol markers and are acid-free. They blend well with many markers, and artists can use various pastels to ink on these pages.

One of the best parts of having the Ohuhu sketchbook is that it is portable. Artists can walk and travel and make their art along the way.


  • Smooth surface
  • Acid-free
  • Compatible with many kinds of markers
  • Bleeding, feathering, and smudging resistant
  • High-quality sheets

Pros & Cons

  • Has double-sided sheets for more space
  • Has compatibility with all paper art styles
  • Is resistant to feathering, bleeding, and smudging
  • Paper easy-to-tear


Bianyo BN-5801 Bleedproof Marker Paper Pad

Paper pads should be compatible with different types of pens, markers, and pencils. They should give comfort to the artist when he’s using it. Bianyo Bleedproof Marker Paper Pad gives an ultra-smooth, neutral pH texture that is brilliant for writing, drawing, and illustrating. It is compatible with different ink pens, technical pens, permanent markers, and of course, Copic markers.

The paper texture is smooth and thin, allowing less ink from the markers to be absorbed hence increasing the lifespan of the markers. The texture of the paper is also acid-free and is bleed-resistant. The ink used on one page does not seep into the next. This is a very crucial aspect of a paper pad as Copic are alcohol-markers. The durability and the fact that you can use both sides of the pages give Bianyo the status it is famous for.

Bianyo gives quality pages with comfort when working on them. It comes in 70 GSM weight, making the paper thin and of good quality. The thin pages make it perfect for alcohol markers. Giving their buyers satisfaction is what Bianyo all about.


  • Thin sheets with high quality
  • Bleedproof
  • Acid-free texture
  • Ultra-smooth

Pros & Cons

  • Is bleedproof meaning the ink does not seep into the next page
  • Comes with two-sided pages
  • Has thin surface that absorbs less ink, increasing the marker’s lifespan
  • Not portable


Premium 50 Sheets Sketch Marker Paper Pad

Copic markers are the best art markers in the market. They are known for their in-depth colors. They are not like any other color markers as they are high-quality and super expensive. Hence, they are only affordable for professional artists. These makers do not work on any regular paper. They require paper pads as paper pads are made for Copic markers.

Premium 50 Sheets Sketch Marker Paper Pad comes with one of the best thickness papers in the market. Their thickness is important as they are made especially for Copic markers. Their thickness grants them protection from ink spreading around. The pages are pH neutral and acid-free, so you can use them for dry media or sketching.

These sheets are very compatible with other pens, pencils, alcohol markers but are specially designed for Copic markers. The thickness will not allow the ink to soak into the next page. The paper pads are also eco-friendly.


  • Thick papers
  • Durable
  • Neutral pH
  • Acid-free
  • Good for creative designs

Pros & Cons

  • Has eco-friendly sheets
  • Has compatibility with other markers, pens, and pencil
  • Does not allow ink to blotch
  • Thick pages will absorb more ink, decreasing the lifespan of a marker


Canson XL Series Marker Paper Pad

Canson XL series is one of the best paper pads to use for Copic markers. They have a semi-translucent texture and comes with 100 sheets. Canson XL series is suitable for solvent and alcohol markers, but you can also use it for different pencils and pens. If used with solvent or alcohol markers, it does not bleed into the next page.

The surface texture of the paper is smooth, and the color is white. The smooth surface gives a new drawing experience to the artists. They weigh 70 grams, so the pages are thin. These can be folded and do not smudge the drawing that way.


  • Semi-translucent paper
  • Bleedproof
  • Foldable
  • Acid-free
  • 100, 9×12, good quality sheets

Pros & Cons

  • Does not bleed through pages nor causes smudging
  • Thin pages absorb less ink, increasing the lifespan of the marker
  • Works best with alcohol and solvent markers
  • Might bleed if utensil other than alcohol and solvent markers are used


Copic Marker XPBC 8-1/2-Inch by 11-Inch Express Blending Card

Express Blending Card is a paper pad made for Copic markers. It is one of the best paper pads for Copic markers because of its ultra-smooth texture and its feature to keep the ink colors vibrant. The artists love this paper pad as it supports their creativity and art and enhances their art’s final outlook. Express Blending Card comes with 125 sheets, each being acid-free and non-toxic.

The reason this paper pad can provide vivid colors and enhance the beauty of the art is its super silky texture of the paper. It keeps the ink’s brightness and attracts the eyes of the observer. The silky texture also helps in the blending of marker inks. Strokes are easy to land as the smooth and silky texture does not cause much friction with the brush. This paper pad is compatible with printers and commercial places.


  • Cardstock with high-quality
  • 125 sheets to work on
  • Silky and ultra-smooth surface
  • Acid-free and non-toxic
  • Excellent blend

Pros & Cons

  • Compatible with printers and commercial places
  • Makes the brush strokes easy and smooth
  • Does not smudge
  • It is more expensive


What To Look For in a Copic Marker Paper Pad?

When choosing a paper pad for a Copic marker, we need to keep a few things in mind. Copic markers are expensive, but the paper pads can be expensive too. Therefore, only professional artists consider these things. Paper pad increases the outlook of the art or drawing. Copic markers cannot be used on regular paper as they are not suitable for them. Paper pads have a special design so that Copic markers can show their wonders.

The following are some of the things to keep in mind while getting a paper pad for Copic markers.

Paper Weight

This is very important when buying a paper pad for a Copic marker. The weight depends on the type of art the artist is making. Paper that has higher weight or thickness tends to absorb more ink from the markers. As a result, the lifespan of the marker decreases. On the other hand, low weight or thin paper absorbs less ink from markers, increasing the lifespan of the marker but may bleed to the next paper.

The unit to measure the paper pads is GSM (grams per square meter). Standard paper pads weigh around 74 GSM which are commonly found, but they might be thin and bleed through. It depends on what the artists need, but the most optimal weight is 104 GSM for professional use.

Paper Size

This is another thing that is dependant on the type of art the artist is making. Paper pads come in many sizes, from A4 to canvas to sketchbook. If the artist wants to go traveling and needs a portable paper pad for his Copic markers, he should go for sketchbook. If he wants to make professional art, he should sit in a room and draw it on an A4 or canvas pad.

Size may be dependant on the artists, but you shouldn’t overlook it. It is one of the most important aspects when looking for a good Copic marker paper pad. Size can enhance the art’s outlook, so you should consider it with great importance.

Paper Surface

Paper surface is also another important aspect when deciding on buying a paper pad. The surface texture can break or make your art. Many pads come with a smooth texture, but some have rough textures.

It also depends on what the artist is used to. A person who is used to working on a smooth surface will have a hard time adjusting to the rough one. The same goes for the artist who is comfortable with working on rough paper. Some people prefer a silky smooth surface as it is easier to land a stroke.


This article guided you about the top ten Copic marker paper pads you can find and buy in the market and how their pros and cons differ from each other. This is just based on the review of the people that bought these. The decision is still yours and depends on the way you want to use it.

These are all good paper pads, but for us, the winner would be Copic Marker Express Blending Card. One of the reasons for that is its silky-smooth texture that gives the ink a vivid color and brightens the art for the observer. It has a perfect weight, size, and surface for a professional artist. It is used by many as well. One of the reasons this pad is the best is because it is made especially for Copic markers.

Just because we think this is the best one does not mean it is ideal for you. You know best what you are comfortable with. The decision is yours, and we hope you make the right call after this article. Happy shopping!

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