10 Best Under Cabinet Led Lighting

Do you want to make your home a bit more fascinating? Do you want to give your kitchen, basement or dining room a new look? You can do it by adding the best under cabinet LED lighting.

Overhead lightings are generally used for an ambient supply of light to your house or workplace. They are a necessity of every corner of your home. Whereas the under-cabinet LED lighting is considered a boom for your house as it increases the overall look of that place manifolds. They are usually placed under the kitchen cabinets but can also be placed in the basement, dining room or anywhere you have cabinets. They give a complete look to your place.

Apart from adding beauty to the area, the under cabinet lighting is done to read the recipe, prepare the food, and maintain the chores perfectly in the kitchen. Providing your dining room with a completely new look can be used for an interior candlelight dinner, creating a romantic look with dim to bright adjustable lights.


Best Under Cabinet Led Lighting – Our Top Picks

LED Under Cabinet Lighting, Under Counter Lighting with 33 LEDs

Made up of aluminium, LED under cabinet lighting, under counter lighting with 33 LEDs is specially designed to control with touch. It is easy to install depending on your choice to use self-adhesive stickers or screws. The under cabinet lighting is under your control just by one touch on its aluminium frame. It is easy to install wherever you want, from your kitchen to the office. Instead of ordinary PVC, it is made with a highly durable aluminium bar that provides high bright light and good heat dissipation.


  • 8-ounce weight
  • Made up of high-quality material, Aluminum frame and antiglare PC shade
  • Two colour temperatures of Warm White (3000k) and Cold White (6000k)
  • It can be installed using screws or self-adhesive stickers
  • Delivers 210 lumen
  • Provided with durable and simple 12-inch LED light bar

Pros & Cons

  • Smarter and easier touch control system
  • Easy to install without causing any damage to the cabinet
  • Saves energy
  • Although with a 12-inch long bar, it can specifically be used indoors


Aoozi LED Puck Light 6 Pack

Aoozi LED Puck Light comes in a packet of 6 under cabinet lights, provided with two remote controls and eighteen batteries. Being cordless is the greatest feature possessed by these under cabinet lights. Delivering bright light of 60 lumens, it is warm light 4000k. The eighteen pieces 2000 mAh batteries last longer than others and have a low power consumption of just 0.6-watts.  Depending on your need, it comes with two installing options, either using adhesive tapes or screws. Selection of brightness level and auto-switch off are its other excellent features. They place it on the list of the top ten best under cabinet lighting.


  • 79-pound weight
  • Delivers 60 lumen
  • Warm light 4000k
  • Cordless

Pros & Cons

  • Deficient energy consumption
  • Powerful batteries lasting longer than others
  • Adjustable brightness levels
  • Heavy


Wobane Under Cabinet Lighting Kit

Wobane under cabinet lighting kit includes an LED strip bar which is quite flexible and comes with 120 LEDs. It is provided with 2700K warm white, considered a classic incandescent light bulb’s colour. It is made of plastic and copper. This strip light is a blessing for your cabinets, closets and desks, upgrading them to a new level. With a low power consumption of just 12-Watt, these under cabinet lights tend to deliver 1100 lumen and are pretty bright. This kit is reliable, including an ETL-listed adapter and strip. No tools are required to install this kit as it is already provided with all the accessories. The Screw Free feature of this lighting kit protects your furniture and is easy to install by yourself.


  • Made up of copper and plastic
  • 2700K WarmWhite colour
  • Contains 120 LEDs
  • Delivers 1100 lumen
  • Packed with four pieces 20-inch long light bar, adapter and connectors

Pros & Cons

  • Excellent energy efficiency
  • Less power consumption
  • Easy installation
  • Low motion detection


Hardwired LED Under Cabinet Task Lighting

Specially designed with the dimmable feature, Hardwired LED under-cabinet task lighting is made up of metal. As its name implies, the power source and switch installation are hard wires, making them disappear under the cabinet or wall. The base is made up of metal and is reliable and long-lasting. This light is twenty-four-inch long but also comes in other sizes and consumes 16-watt energy. It comes with 3000K soft white coloured light, which is a bit bluer and resembles a halogen bulb but possesses a warm yellowish colour. The frosted lens does not irritate the eyes. With CRI>90, it gives true colours to everything. Provided with a five-year warranty, it has fifty hours long lifetime. Moreover, it is easy to install and packed with installation instructions. The aluminium housing, once installed, can be easily cleaned without bulb replacement.


  • 2-pound weight
  • Special dimmable feature
  • Hardwire power source
  • Made up of metal
  • 1250 lumen
  • Fifty-hours lifetime
  • 16-watt energy usage

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to install and easy to clean
  • Long warranty
  • It covers a broader area for the distribution of light
  • Heavier as compared to other under cabinet lighting


Cadrim Puck Lights, LED Stick-on Lightings and Dimmable Under Cabinet Lights

Cadrim puck lights with the LED stick-on lightings are dimmable under cabinet lights. They are made up of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and is multicoloured. It tends to save a lot of space and is easy to install without any holes to be drilled on the wall or wire to run. It also includes a wireless remote with an auto shut-off option after half an hour and an hour. There is a wide variety of overall thirteen colour options. With 55 lumens, it provides bright light and can be controlled from a maximum distance of twenty feet. There is no need to replace these long-lasting LEDs as these bright LEDs are of high quality.


  • 2-ounce weight
  • Made up of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • 55 lumens
  • It contains four preset options of colour by manual option and 13 colour options by remote
  • Includes two wireless remote controls, six puck lights, six double-sided tapes with a user manual with instructions
  • Adjustable brightness level from dim to high as required

Pros & Cons

  • Easy installation
  • Multicolor options
  • Saves space
  • 3 AA batteries are required, which are not provided along with this


ASOKO Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting

ASOKO dimmable LED under cabinet lighting comes with a brightness of three adjustable levels. The memory function acts as a timer, staying on the same brightness level and switching off itself on the time you have previously set. Due to built-in magnets, the installation and reinstallation is a piece of cake. There is no need for any screw. A USB port can be used both indoor and outdoor with a plug and power bank, respectively. Saving your money, this under cabinet lighting provides high-quality light with less power consumption. The UL-listed adapter is of high quality and safe to use without any hassle.


  • 2-ounce weight
  • It comes in Neutral White 5000k color
  • Made up of aluminum
  • 300 lumen

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to install and reinstall
  • Special memory function
  • It saves 70% space on your sockets
  • The color is not much suitable for indoor activities and does not mesh with the rest of the interior lighting


Albrillo LED Under Cabinet Lighting, Dimmable Under Counter Lighting

Specially provided with the dimmable feature, Albrillo LED under cabinet lighting weighs around 15.84-ounce. The LED strip is 12-inch long, and the color is Warm White 3000k. Operating with a dimmer switch gives you 900 lumens, the same as a 100-watt incandescent bulb saving almost 85% energy cost for you. Moreover, the brightness level ranges from 30 lumens to 900 lumens, and you can select and adjust the level you want. All the accessories are included in the packet, and the installation is easy. You can do it by yourself. The light is soft for the eyes and is safe to touch. Using tapes or screws, you are provided with two options of mounting this under cabinet lighting.


  • It comes with a 2-year warranty
  • 8-ounce weight
  • 3000k Warm White color
  • Versatile application for every corner of the area
  • It comes with a 12-inch long LED strip
  • Different levels of brightness from 30 lumens to 900 lumens can be set as per your need using the rotatory dimmer

Pros & Cons

  • Memory function of auto switch off onset time
  • Lightweight LED strips are easy to install
  • High durability preventing from rust
  • Cannot mount more than three lights


GE Premium Slim LED Light Bar, 24 Inch Under Cabinet Fixture

With a long 24-inch LED strip, GE premium slim LED light bar is perfect for your home and workplace. Providing 3000k Warm White light, this under cabinet lighting offers brightness to every corner placed and installed. The packet includes all the accessories, and you do not need to rush around for searching screws, power and linking cord, anchors, or double-sided tape. A professional electrician should install the lighting with thirty fixtures which are enough to light up any room. Setting schedules, color temperatures, and preset scenes is easy when you have GE premium slim LED light bar.


  • 8-ounce weight
  • 24-inch long LED strip
  • 3000k Soft White color
  • Safe and cool to touch
  • Provides 803 lumens

Pros & Cons

  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Less power consumption
  • Easy to use and light in weight
  • You can not install it by yourself. There is a need for a professional electrician for the installation


Brilliant Evolution LED Puck Light 6 Pack with Remote

Made up of plastic, Brilliant evolution LED puck light comes in a pack of six. It gives white light and is operated by a battery source. Having a hundred-hour lifetime, it also comes with a remote provided with an auto switch-off option. This remote is functional even from a fifteen-foot distance. The wireless lights project a 3000k warm white glow in your kitchen, closet, shelf, or anywhere in your home or office. Compared to other lights operating on battery, these under cabinet lights are four times more efficient and last longer than them. It is easy to install without the need for a professional electrician. With 55 lumens, they are perfectly designed for providing bright light.


  • 3000k warm white color
  • 56-ounce weight
  • Installed by using adhesives or screws
  • Made up of plastic
  • Colour Rendering Index is 80.0
  • Colour Temperature is 3000 Kelvin

Pros & Cons

  • It comes with a remote to control twelve lights
  • Selection of light intensity auto switch-off is possible using a dimmer
  • Long-lasting batteries, which lasts four times more than other batteries
  • Low Colour Rendering Index does not illuminate the things clearly


Under Cabinet LED Lighting kit, 6 PCS LED Strip Lights

The best under cabinet LED lighting is the Under cabinet LED lighting kit by Wobane, which includes six LED strip lights. It is made up of PCB and LED. This super bright under cabinet light has a unique dimmable feature with self-adhesiveness and compact size. With an adjustable brightness level using RF dimmer, it delivers an overall 1500 lumen. Using this super RF remote control with 17 keys, you can control the lights even from a 60-feet distance. The adapter and strip are of high quality and work perfectly even on low voltage. All the accessories are included in the packet, and the installation is quite an easy task for any individual. You can install it yourself.


  • 8-feet long strip
  • Made up of PCB and LED
  • Delivers 1500 lumen
  • 17 keys RF remote for a variety of functions
  • It contains screw-free and strong adhesive tapes to protect the furniture

Pros & Cons

  • High level of brightness
  • Easy to install
  • It has a remote whose signals can cross walls, cabinets, and doors
  • It can only be connected to twelve light bars and, if overloaded, can damage the power supply


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best color temperature of an under-cabinet LED lighting for the kitchen?

For the kitchen, a color temperature between 3000k to 4000k is recommended by the professionals, and below 3000k is strongly forbidden. As below the range, the perception of color becomes difficult, which may result in issues in food preparation. The range above this is also not suitable. It results in the mismatch of color from the lights installed in the range of 2700k to 3000k.


Why CRI is important when purchasing under-cabinet LED lighting?

CRI plays a vital role in determining the color of anything. Ranging from zero to a hundred, go for 95 CRI or above if you are willing to get the perfect color accuracy. Distinguishing an unripe and ripened fruit or vegetable with its color is possible when the under cabinet lighting of an accurate CRI is installed in your kitchen.


Why should I go for purchasing under-cabinet LED lighting?

Under-cabinet LED lighting gives an entirely new charming look to your house and office. It keeps the light localized at a single place, making the task easy to do. There are a variety of color options and temperatures for the under-cabinet LED lighting.

Going to purchase under cabinet lighting will be one of your best purchases of the year.


In this modern era of Science and Technology, everything is illuminated. Every corner of your house and workplace needs light for performing all the daily tasks in a much better way.

As the name suggests, the under-cabinet LED lighting is used to illuminate the area under the cabinet with bright to dim lights required by the customer. It is most commonly used in the kitchen. However, they are also used in dining rooms, closets, study rooms, and offices. Their light doesn’t spill and is kept localized at a single place where it is needed, like over the kitchen counter. Moreover, with its aesthetic beauty and charm, it gives the place a completely new look. It prevents the shadow cast as created by the overhead lighting

The under cabinet lighting is easy to install and use, except for a few ones. With a different range of CRI and color temperatures, there are various options to consider. Depending on the use and location, either indoor or outdoor, different under-cabinet LED lighting is available for use.

Consequently, the under-cabinet LED lighting has become essential for your kitchen. It adds a charming new look and ease for performing different chores. Being one of the necessities, under-cabinet LED lighting has brought a revolution for your home and office lighting systems.

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