9 Best Water-Based Pomade

How many times have you tried styling your hair with a traditional gel but were irritated and frustrated with the negative effects of it? Well, let’s face it; you need something in your hair to keep it in place for a long time. However, gel is not something that your heart is ready to use. During these times, pomade comes as a savior.

Pomade is a hair styling product that is greasy, waxy, or water-based. Pomade gives the person’s hair a lustrous, slick look. It lasts a lot further than other hair styling items and takes many rinses to remove fully. Pomade is divided into two categories: conventional water-based pomade and typical oil-based pomade. The English word “pomade” comes from the French pomade, which means “ointment,” derived from the Latin word pomum.

Best Water-Based Pomade – Our Top Picks

American Crew Hair Pomade for Hold and Shine


American Crew is more than just a manufacturer of products. It’s a defining moment in the evolution of male grooming. It’s the most famous salon label for men and the stylists who work with them. This new, compact pomade for slick-back looks or power in every hairstyle. It’s suitable for both long hair and hairstyle. It has a mild grip and a high sheen.

  • Mild grip and a high luster
  • Rinses cleanly and leaves no trace
  • Suitable for almost all lengths of hair
  • Does a decent job of keeping the style in place in windy conditions
  • Does not leave hair dry and flakey

Pros & Cons

  • Perfectly ideal for people who have dry hair
  • Straightforward to control consistency
  • Cleans up well in the showers with only water
  • Loses its grip in less than an hour


Suavecito Pomade Original Hold


Sauvecito is another of the most famous manufacturers of pomades and is surely loved by many regular pomade users. There are several reasons why it has gained so much popularity. The main one is that it easily washes out of hair without giving any trouble and allows the person to glide their hair through it throughout the day due to its non-stiff nature. Moreover, it also gives a glossy look and texture, so it does not look like you are wearing anything at all.

  • Water-soluble and washes out easily with nothing but water
  • Glossy texture makes it easy to brush through the hair
  • Designed to hold the hair in place for the whole day
  • No crystals or harsh contaminants
  • No animal products used

Pros & Cons

  • Has a soft, velvety, pleasant cologne fragrance
  • Easy to remove with only water
  • Requires a very small quantity to set hair
  • Need to add a little water to restyle


Layrite Super Hold Water Soluble Pomade


Layrite is yet another company known for producing high-quality water-soluble pomades. The one reason why we have added it to our list is that it smells heavenly! Besides that, never rule out that it provides extreme stability and allows your hair to stay put all the time you want it to be, letting you get on with your day confidently and without worrying about your looks. You can even easily glide your fingers through it as much and as often you like without messing up your hairstyle. So, according to us, it is a win-win situation.

  • Has the similar iconic vanilla fragrance
  • Provides supreme stability and outstanding grip
  • Tends to dry with a versatile grip that keeps style in position throughout the day
  • Polished the hair by penetrating deeply into the hair shaft to seal in moisture

Pros & Cons

  • Works perfectly on thick hair as well
  • Stays firm in the heat
  • Feels as though you’re applying wax to your scalp
  • Contains a deep perfume-like fragrance


Imperial Barber Matte Pomade Paste


How is it possible that Imperial barber does not make it to the list when we talk about pomades? Due to their commitment to making their product provide the best ultimate results and comfortability to their users, Imperial Barber has made its way through most regular pomade users’ hearts. The use of a green tea extract shield protects the hair from any environmental damage, giving the user a sense of security and conformity that their hair is receiving safe products.

  • Dries lightweight and natural, giving you flexibility instead of having a negative effect
  • Organic components can help to stabilize, preserve moisture, thicken and add volume
  • Green tea extract shield the hair against environmental harm
  • Water reactivatable, making it simple to restyle with only a little water
  • Gives a shine-free matte finish that displays a professional touch

Pros & Cons

  • Grip is firm but not brittle or crispy
  • Cleans out very fast, even with the firm grip
  • Light scent right out of the container
  • Gives a moldable grasp and a matte finish
  • Final touch gives the hair a natural look and feel
  • A little sticky as well as messy
  • Has a greasy texture and appearance


Teddy Boy Original Water-Based Styling Pomade


Do you ever go to bed mistakenly with a product in your hair, forgetting it was there in the first place, and then ruin all your sheets? Well, we’ve all been there, so no need to worry. All you need to do to solve this problem is buy Teddy Boy Original Water-Based Styling Pomade. Due to the ingredients used in its manufacturing, it does not leave traces and oiliness on your covers, and you can continue with your laziness. It can also last the whole day without distorting your hairstyle.

  • Has an infinitely adjustable hold and won’t get your sheet oily
  • Brush your fingers through the hair all day long without experiencing any flakes
  • Lasts as long as the pomade can be kept in the hair
  • It’s easy to wash and restyle and has a strong grip that lasts long
  • For quality assurance, each item is handcrafted, hand-checked, and sniffed

Pros & Cons

  • Good smell that is not overpowering at all
  • Can be reactivated with the help of some water
  • Doesn’t solidify until you use too much
  • Gives you a lot of leverage since it’s waxy
  • No friction or toughness at all
  • Dense hair necessitates using a lot
  • Doesn’t usually work for thick hair


O’Douds – All Natural Best Water-Based Pomade (4oz)


Do you worry about your hair health often now and only want to use all-natural products? Well, worry no more for we here with such a product. O’Douds all-natural best water-based pomade is here to rid you of all the worries. Engineered with the use of only all-natural components, along with water-resistance qualities, this pomade is bound to last longer than anticipated and provide you with a fresh, stable, and neat-looking hairstyle throughout the day.

  • Manufactured from all-natural, plant-based components
  • Water-resistant, making it extremely long-lasting as well as tough
  • Ideal for mild, hot conditions
  • Can be used on a variety of hair types and designs
  • Gives a natural as well as a professional final look

Pros & Cons

  • Allows you to manage any part of your hair
  • Holds its shape but is also readily remold-able
  • As the day goes by, it gets a little lighter
  • Quite greasy for a water-based pomade


Tip Top Original Water-Based Pomade


This water-based pomade by Tip Top is a true dealbreaker. It gives a final glossy and shiny look without giving you a greasy look and a very natural finish. The hold provided by it is neither too strong to give you an uncomfortable feel neither too loose to make you worry about your style going bad any time of the day. Moreover, its scent isn’t too overwhelming, just the right type to suit your personality. This also removes out easily and quite quickly, just with the help of water, so you don’t have to struggle much to get it removed from your hair.

  • Has a glossy and shiny final look without giving off the feel of being oily or greasy
  • Neither matte nor greasy, but the perfect amount of shiny
  • Has a strong hold but isn’t too sturdy, so that the user can easily glide their fingers through it
  • Its scent isn’t as powerful as any of the other pomades on the market
  • Available at very reasonable prices considering its pros and cons

Pros & Cons

  • When warmed in the palm, it spreads quickly
  • Has the ability to be washed out very easily
  • Does not make the hair stiff and flakey
  • The smell isn’t perfect though it’s not bad


Imperial Barber Grade Products Classic Water-Based Pomade


We have yet another product of Imperial Barber added to our list, and we are not even sorry. This company deserves this well. It’s water-reactive, which means you can restyle it with just a little water. You get a great grip on this product while yet being able to rinse the product effortlessly. This pomade has a smooth and polished finish without being sticky or oily.

  • It is water reactivatable, making it simple to restyle with only a little amount of water
  • With this tool, you get an incredible grip while still having the ease of rinsing the product easily
  • The final appearance of this pomade is smooth and polished without being sticky or greasy
  • It’s not matte nor greasy, so it’s just the right amount of gleam
  • Tends to dry lightweight and natural, giving you versatility rather than causing damage

Pros & Cons

  • Similar to a gel in that it hardens and dries
  • Allows the user to style their hair easily
  • Effective at reviving and simple to remove
  • The consistency is too watery


Beard and Lady Mythical Pomade for Men and Women


This pomade by Beard and Lady is gender neutral and works best for medium to moderate hair lengths. Along with just keeping your hairstyle put as you want it, it also nourishes your hair simultaneously. With traces of jojoba and argan oil, your hair is bound to remain healthy with regular usage of this pomade. Along with that, it does not even require any additional product to remove it; just simply use water.

  • Offers a medium and moderate hold along with a professional-looking matte finish
  • Contains jojoba as well as organic argan oil to nourish the hair
  • Rarely requires the help of any shampoo or soap
  • Provides a low texture, allowing the natural luster to shine through

Pros & Cons

  • The scent of this pomade is quite nice
  • The packaging and exterior are cool and aesthetic
  • Available in quite decent prices
  • After some time of application, flakes are visible


Frequently Asked Questions

Can water-based pomades prove to be bad for hair?

Pomade isn’t necessarily terrible for your hair. Only the type and manner in which you applied pomade made it a crime. Poorly manufactured pomades that don’t safeguard against dryness and are terrible for your hair. It’s bad enough to wreak havoc on your hair and complexion.

Can you go to sleep with water-based pomade in your hair?

Sleeping with pomade in your hair is not a smart idea, except if you live somewhere where bedding is changed on a daily basis, and that might lead your pillow to become yellow earlier. So before going to bed, save your linens and nightwear and rinse that pomade out.


Here in this article, we have assembled some of the best water-based pomades currently available in the market, along with mentioning our number one product, i.e., American Crew Pomade. Water-based pomades are much more convenient to use due to their easy-to-use nature and simple removal method.

Make sure to invest in the product which suits your hair length and type perfectly to have excellent results. The selection of the products mentioned above was done on a very strict scale, considering that they should be a perfect value for money paid. We hope you like these as much as we do.

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