7 Best Xbox One Modded Controllers

Are you looking to enhance your gaming experience with some add-ons and mods? Well, look no further; the Best Xbox One Modded Controllers will do that aptly for you!

Playing Xbox games can be a thrilling experience. But you know what? You can take it to the next level with the addition of a modded controller. With a presence of an installed chip, these modded controllers help you make quick and consistent shots.

The Xbox One controller, released in 2013, showed significant enhancement with its ultra-responsive thumbsticks, triggers, and D-pad. That’s how the modded one controllers elevate your gaming experience in an instant!

Apart from the quick decision-making and shot firing, the modded one controllers also prove to be a beneficial aid in adequately analyzing the game.

However, the process of finding the right one for you isn’t a cakewalk as it may seem. The marketplace consists of a broad range of options. While they may look the same, they have different features and specs that separate them from the others.

To ease things for you, we will cover the Best Xbox One Modded Controllers available on the market. There is also an ‘FAQs’ section to answer your most-awaited queries. So, without further ado, let’s get started!


Best Xbox One Modded Controllers – Our Top Picks

ModdedZone Xbox One Rapid Fire Controller

This Rapid Fire Modded Xbox One controller has a unique hand-painted outer casing and is a 100% accepted as an original product.

In addition to creating these modified controllers, the firm exclusively uses genuine Microsoft controllers. The controller has an exquisite design and style that with a complemented hand-painted design. A one-year guarantee covers the modification chip.

The Rapid Fire Modded One controller arrives with 10 MODES. Starting from rapid-fire itself, it includes drop shot, fast reload, jitter, jump shot, burst fire, quick scope, mimic, akimbo, active reload, sniper breath, auto-aim zombie mode, and so much more.

The controller arrives with an amazing FPS compatibility (1st shooter) games there. That includes well-known games like Ghosts and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.

ModdedZone created unique, customizable fast fire technology to ensure that players do not worry about their controller becoming obsolete when new games are released.

The customized coloured authentic Microsoft modded controller manual are included in the bundle. You can set up this modified controller by following the instructions inside the manual.

These ModdedZone controllers have been appropriately modified using proprietary technology. This technology ensures that you have a fantastic gameplay adventure. Don’t worry; this one isn’t going to become idle when a new game comes out.

Pros & Cons

  • Entirely accessible with the newly released FPS
  • Includes straightforward guidelines
  • Beautiful designed controller
  • Quality issues with the buttons


“Skull Blue” Xbox One Modded Controller

The Xbox One modified controller “Skulls Blue” is entirely untraceable on the Xbox system and comes with a one-year guarantee on the modchip. This modified controller is completely compliant with the most recent FPS (first-person shooter) games available. Famous games like COD Advanced Warfare and Ghosts, for instance, maybe played with this controller.

Because of the proprietary customizable, fast fire innovation, gamers will not have to worry about their controllers becoming obsolete when new games are released.

The installation is made more accessible by following the provided modified controller instructions. It’s significant to mention that the controller comes without any connections, battery, and other components.

The best aspect about this “Skulls Blue” Xbox One modified controller was appropriately altered using in-house technology. The controller underwent stringent quality control inspections, and the innovation was created solely by the company. This controller has been developed with the demands of gamers in consideration.

This “Skulls Blue” controller’s most crucial feature is operating with recently released games. This controller enables you to toggle on/off quick firing in a split second. You’ll be able to choose between fast-firing modes on the fly now.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use the controller
  • Extremely efficient with newly releases
  • Great value for money
  • Menu plate and bumpers aren’t the best quality


Reprogrammable Xbox 360 Modded Rapid Fire Controller

There seem to be several questions concerning this product that are frequently asked. This controller’s appearance and size make it simple to use. We think this is a device that offers a 100 percent lifetime warrantee and is trustworthy.

In fact, because of its exquisite finish, this modified controller is a must-have item. This Xbox controller is not only multifunctional, but also portable. In particular, the product is ideal as a present for a variety of events.

You will also benefit from the additional features provided by this device. Sure, there are fast settings on the controller that can be utilized for sophisticated combat. Furthermore, the Lighting Modz Xbox One Modded Controller has a wide range of functionality and provides excellent performance.

Experts strongly suggest the controller since it is versatile. This is a customizable gadget that allows you to play all Call of Duty games. It has exceptional quality, much like many other popular models on the market, making it perfect for long-term use.

Other than that, the product features an ergonomic design thanks to its customizable features. Not only that, but it will also fit well in your hands to accommodate your gameplay.

Those having trouble with the Xbox gaming should trust this amazing 360 modified fast fire controller a shot. The gamers are bound to have fantastic experience during the games while firing in the skies.

Pros & Cons

  • Rapid in receiving the mode shot
  • Easy to handle while playing games
  • Excellent modes to accommodate users
  • Some issues with the mod lights.


5000+ Modded Controller for Microsoft Xbox One

The associated brand aims to provide high-quality goods and sophisticated modifications to gamers. This controller in question features the newest 5000+ mod, which features a basic yet sophisticated look. This one-of-a-kind design allows gamers to immerse themselves in their gaming experience fully.

The great mix of these characteristics allows for infinite configurations, obviating the need for any updates or future patches. Each of these controllers has been appropriately modified with the help of in-house expertise, as can be seen.

The controller undergoes stringent quality control inspections and is designed entirely by the appropriate manufacturer. You will get a comparative benefit that will allow you to outperform your competitors in gameplay.

Looking at the appearance, this blue controller features a purple-colored LED and a Joker hydro dunked shell. The best features include Quick Scope, Rapid Fire, Jump Shot, Breath, Jitter Sniper Drop Shot, Auto Aim, Burst, Akimbo, Quick Aim, Adjustable Burst, Mimic, Dual Trigger, and so much more!

It is a popular option among enthusiasts due to the many mods available and the numerous features. Its construction is of excellent quality, and the style is attractive.

Pros & Cons

  • Safe and secure to play with Xbox
  • Various modes to play with
  • A durable and robust style
  • It is not ideal for Fortnite PVP Battle Royal


Xbox One S Modded Controller Blackout

Many players consider the Xbox One S Modded Controller Blackout to be a high-quality gadget. This gadget has a primary touch screen and aesthetics that go with most games. And that is, after all, an ideal modified controller for any shooting game.

Sure, the Xbox Blackout is a model we recommend to anybody. Unlike other controllers, this one has been tested extensively and is supported by professional artists to ensure that it meets the client’s demands.

The modified controller will enhance your gaming experience. Aside from that, the innovation has everything you might desire in a modified controller.

This device, however, has a unique granular grip that makes it comfortable and straightforward to use. Furthermore, the Blackout is finished in matte black.

This controller is a one-of-a-kind console that experts strongly recommend. The item stands out amongst the rivals due to its unique and beautiful quality. Last but not least, it has a plethora of functions that make it quite functional.

Pros & Cons

  • Extremely durable construction
  • Well worth the money
  • Works great with the Xbox
  • Hard buttons on the controller


Xbox Blue Flames Modded Rapid Fire Controller

The Blue Flames Rapid Fire is the most recent customizable controller available. First and foremost, the item has a distinctive design and a long-lasting finishing. It also has a solid and durable structure, making it stable.

Your safety is prioritized in the Xbox One Blue Flames Rapid Fire. Its lightweight controller is pleasant to use for long periods. Also, this is a controller with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee that you should not overlook. Yes, it is cheap and efficient enough to satisfy the majority of your gaming requirements.

With this product, you may enter a world of enchantment and imagination. Don’t miss out on the latest technological advancements on the market. However, this gadget is not only practical, but also affordable. It has a unique button on the side that allows for convenient and straightforward mod changes.

Likewise, the modified controller has Bluetooth functionality, making gaming in Windows 10 a breeze. Lastly, for the quickest firing performance, the controller has soft-touch tech.

Pros & Cons

  • Wide variety of modes
  • Extended comfort for hands
  • Experience the thrilling gameplay with its sleek design
  • Modes might impact the right trigger


Elite Series 2 Controller Modded – Custom 7 Watts Pro Rapid Fire Mod

In our fair assessment, if you’ve accompanied us thus far in this review, let us tell you that the Elite Series 2 Controller Modded is by far the Best Xbox One Modded Controller on the market.

The Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 is tailored to accommodate the demands of today’s elite players, with over 30 additional ways of playing like a champion.

With improved adjustable-tension thumbsticks, fire even quicker with shorter hair triggering locks, and remain on point with a rubberized tie handle, you’ll be able to improve your accuracy.

With new adjustable paddle and thumbsticks forms, you can customize the console to your chosen gameplay style. You can save up to three custom profiles and one standard account on the controller and use the Profile function to swap between them on the run.

To perform throughout your Xbox system and Windows 10 computers, use the supplied USB-Connector, the Bluetooth, or the Xbox Wireless.

With the Xbox Accessories application, you may customize your Xbox to your heart’s content. Use unique additional features like mapping buttons to voice recognition like “record it” or “grab a snapshot.” To permit alternate responses to each of the other controls, designate a key to serve as a “Shift key.”

Keep the thing going with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 40 hours and improved elements that are meant to last. With the supplied USB-C connection and recharging dock, you may charge the controller in or out of the carry case.

Pros & Cons

  • Able to assign keys
  • Voice configuration
  • Customizable controller
  • Too bulky for some users


Can You Get Banned for Using a Modded Controller?

The answers to the question are no because LIVE or Internet is not connected with our modded controller. Therefore, you cannot be denied the usage of a modded controller. Throughout any game, you’re never prohibited from using the modified control.

Users are not infringing on any PlayStation terms & conditions by using a modified controller because you are not hacking something or altering any gaming code. Then you’re still not violating any of their regulations, although PlayStation discovers a method to show you’re playing one (something they can’t know).

What is Xbox Modded One Controllers?

Whenever a specific modchip is put into a gaming controller, it gets modified. The chip acts as a proxy for the user, pressing buttons on the remote on their account, allowing a gaming character to carry out activities in the game with more ease.

Because there is no tampering or change of the existing controller equipment in the modified faraway construction process other than installing the extra chip, utilizing a product will not result in your Microsoft or Sony account being block listed or banned.

There is a slew of modding businesses on the market, each with its modchips that differ in various ways, including memory capacity, CPU speed, the number of mods available, and so on.

Mods are similar to the benefits earned as the game advances; they are valuable and entertaining, but insufficient to win.

What is the Best Modded Controller?

There are many modified controllers on the market, and we’ve evaluated a lot of them. However, we believe that the Elite Series 2 Controller Xbox controller is the finest.

So, if you’re searching for a long-lasting and significantly modified controller that will provide you with excellent service, then Elite Series 2 is outstanding. Something about this modded controller is superb, from the appearance to the functionality.

The Elite Series 2 controller includes all new functions. This controller’s objective is to give the gamer the most powerful possible solution to all their gaming demands.

This is an actual Elite Series 2 controller composed entirely of high-grade components despite the superior construction quality. To elaborate, Microsoft has validated and authenticated this modified one controller.

The Elite Series 2 controller’s creators or producers offer a one-year guarantee and lifelong free servicing.

How Do I Choose the Best Modded Xbox Controller?

Selecting an appropriate modified controller for yourself is usually a challenging task due to the many modded controllers currently on the market. And we have this buyer’s guide for you, so remember to check these few points before buying any modified controller.

Response Time

Response time is always crucial in controllers, and it is still another significant element. It is necessary to test the performance of the modified controller before purchasing it. Don’t buy it if the functionality is a little sluggish.

In this situation, we recommend that you get a genuine Microsoft-approved control. Original and authentic controllers are significantly superior to generic controllers in terms of performance.

Size of the Controller

Before purchasing any modified controller, make sure to measure the size. Buying significant modded controllers is usually a poor decision.

If the dimension of your controller is not optimal, it will not give the best grip, so make sure the size is correct. We recommend purchasing a controller with compatible dimensions.


That’s the most crucial aspect. These controllers are efficient when you’re upset while gaming; you could toss your controller.

In this scenario, if your controller isn’t constructed of high-quality materials, it will break, and you probably wouldn’t be able to use it again.


There are many modified controllers for sale on the market, but many of these are half-baked gadgets made of low-quality components. Nevertheless, after carrying out tests, our staff has compiled a list of the Best Xbox One Modded Controllers to assist consumers in making the best decision.

Choosing the best modified controller is difficult since there are so many manufacturers to choose from that you might wind up poor controllers. But from our selection, we would suggest the Elite Series 2 controller built to enhance your gaming experience. It offers some of the most advanced features, such as voice recognition. Plus, look out for the fantastic battery that lasts up to 40 hours!

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