BLACK+DECKER CHV1410L Dustbuster Review

Are you one of those organized people who loves to keep everything in their specific order? Because anything that is out of its spot ruins the entire ambiance of the place.

Or are you a stay-at-home mom, who has to deal with little children wandering all over the house all day? You give them something to eat, only to find out that instead of eating it, they filled the entire floor with it for you.

Not to mention the chaos they create in their surroundings while playing around, which involves vase breaking, fragile gadgets shattering, glass tearing, or any ornamental elements used for decorative purposes in the house.

Kids enjoy discovering anything they can get their hands on to, firstly by clenching, and then the one thing that tempts them greatly is, watching it smash to the ground into tiny pieces. Yes, it really excites them.

However, discovering for juveniles is good, but for the moms, the safety of their child is a major concern. And for that you need to clean that mess, they create at a very rapid pace, at the same instantaneous speed. For which manual cleaning lacks the required stride, plus requires a lot of energy and time. Both of which are impossible to find in the world of today, where you are blessed even if you have a few seconds to yourself in the entire day.

So how to cope-up with those stamina-exploding juniors while keeping everything neat and tidy? Especially these days, when simply being clean, healthy, and cautious can save someone’s life. A quick treatment to this dilemma is a Black decker dust buster vacuum cleaner.

Privileges of Hand-held Vacuums

Cleanliness is not limited to households, but even businesses are instructed by the law to provide an adequate and clean environment facility to be provided to their employees to work in a sanitized area. Whether it’s a bureau, a brand-store, banks, hotels, hospitals, everything needs tidying up and polished floors.

Hence, there are several types of vacuums in the market, proposing several features in different models of vacuum. The cordless hand-held detail is appreciated for its convenience widely. Thus, you can find this distinctive feature in the Black decker dust buster vacuum.

Let’s look into what the hand-held vacuums have to offer :

  • The handy cordless is compact comparatively from the vacuum-wands and gliding ones. Instead, you can grab it in your hand instantly and you’re good-to-go, without any wire-pulling and socket plug-in concerns.
  • It can reduce the burden of dragging your vacuum around, from room to room, entirely.
  • Quick and easy cleaning for not only household purposes but even for hospital bedsheets, pillowcases, and other fabric covering materials.
  • It is portable to store, taking a slight space anywhere in the cabinet.
  • Additional characteristics of transformation found in handheld vacuums, which are comparatively hard to find in others. For instance, hosed-base unique nozzles, externally prolonged crevice instruments, moveable brushes for dusting purposes, and diversified suction styles.
  • Limited amplification of noise distortion in canister hand-held vacuums with an increased suction power of battery-life.
  • Can clean swiftly consuming less time and energy, and a lot in rapid motion, where a big, cords attached and heavy-to-lift vacuum is limited to do only a number of things in more time.


Every feature adds value to your life when you observe the tiny details of the product which might not seem like a particular thing to outshine solely, but putting them all together makes an exceptional bigger picture!

So let’s start connecting the dots by marking them individually at first :

Lithium-Ion batteries

As the world started moving towards the-more-the-better ideology, technology is also following the same track. Similarly, you get the latest barrage of innovation with the Black decker dust buster vacuum which comprises of Lithium-ion batteries, which are considered to be among the most progressive technologies of the modern period.

There are many windfalls of using the Lithium-ion mortar, especially in the Black decker dust buster vacuum such as,

  • Lithium-ions are refined battery types for compact rechargeable electronic applications used widely in various artillery-dependent automobiles as well.
  • Lithium ions have comparatively elevated energy consistencies than other batteries in the market, which makes them highly recommended and increases their demand for providing maximum power to various electrically operated networks for aerospace, where existing as light-weight is counted as the major factor.
  • Other perks of Lithium-ion chargers are being smart about energy consumption. The charger stops automatically when the battery is full. Unlike others, which keep on wasting the precious power sources until they are manually plugged-out, rising your workload and utility-tabs at the same time.
  • The absence of Cadmium in the Lithium-ions, diminishes the lethal component, making them susceptible to disposal in the landfills. Meanwhile, it also promotes the idea of an atmosphere-friendly practice of artillery creation.
  • Advancement in technology not just means high-prices but it also indicates meager sustenance, or in other words low-maintenance. Lithium-ion battery delivers ready-to-use energy even at the primary
  • The largely needed feature when it comes to mortar is the long battery life. The Lithium-ions fulfill that requirement by delivering extended battery-vitality boosting the usage availability of the product for a quality-time.
  • The only drawback Lithium-ions mortar possess is that it can get too warmed up on excessive voltage usage, which could result in an eruption.

Cordless and Carpet-friendly

Using a vacuum with the cords attached to the hose makes it harder to move from one place to another. Not only does the furniture and other stuff of the house get in the while you keep moving forward, most of the time it’s your own foot getting tangled in the cords.

But with the Black decker dust buster vacuum, cordless is the way to go.

  • It’s lenient to pick-up, gets directly to your targeted-spots for cleaning.
  • Good to use for the delicate fabric coverings, such as padded pillows and cushions, lustrous leather sofas, stuffed armchairs, long kept bedsheets in the trunk, or anything which needs to be quickly picked up before use, like the rear-seat of your car.
  • The prompt carpet-cleaning is enabled with the hand-handled feature to portably vindicate the carpeted, rugged or matted-area in the room.
  • An adequate choice for ceramic-tiles saturation for maintaining a polished outlook.

Removable and Washable Dirt Bowl and Filters

The dirt bowl in many vacuums gets stuck inside with all the dirt in its bag, and after cleaning the room, the hardest part seems to be cleaning the dirt bowl of the vacuum which once you open, comes out in a sudden rush and makes all the floor messy again. Making you start from square one.

  • But in the Black decker dust buster vacuum, the dirt bowl easily comes out without creating hasty havoc on the carpeted ground or anywhere on the footing. Instead, it’s handily removable and easy to empty and discard the dirt, after neatening up the house

The floor is not only filled with dust, but also other particles of elements that either get spilled or suddenly fall to the ground, messing up the entire floor, and if not cleaned quickly can spread around the house eventually.

  • Hence, thorough cleaning is ensured by washable filters, present inside the vacuum to keep the distinction between the dust and larger particles of other stuff found around the floor.
  • The Bagless dirt bowl allows you to get rid of the difficulty of changing several bags again and again for containing the junk.

Enhanced Performance by Cyclonic Action

A simple straightforward suction doesn’t always do the trick. If you have been through the same, you would comprehend the Black decker dust buster vacuum‘s modified outcome to this problem.

  • It creates a refined, powerful cyclonic-suction for the dirt to be cleared off, and get quickly sucked in the dirt bowl, keeping the carpeted-floor as new as ever.
  • Keep the dirt bowl separate by retaining a clean filter, allowing the suction to work effortlessly without any solid junk-particles getting trapped in the dirt bowl disrupting the robust suction process.
  • The forceful cyclonic suction exhibits improved execution, enabling to clean a bunch of items, varying from significant cloth coverings to ceramic tiles.

180° Rotating Slim Nozzle

Remember the narrow (in-between or behind the back of the furniture) spaces where you couldn’t reach due to lack of adjustment of your vacuum-size?

  • Now adopting the Black decker dust buster vacuum, treat those tiny-nooks skillfully, with the rotatable nozzle which is thin enough to get in the closed, rigid-spots where it is hard to reach for an ordinary vacuum.

Flip Up Brush and Extendable Crevice Tool

Going through the same patch over and over again can get troublesome, especially when your vacuum can’t differentiate between dusting and brushing.

  • Clear the dust with the inclusive flip-up brush found in the Black decker dust buster vacuum for ideal brushing over desks and furniture where strong suction isn’t necessarily imposed.
  • The augmented pull-out crevice tool, broaden your limits by equipping you to reach the inaccessible areas of the house.

BLACK+DECKER CHV1410L Review – Final Thoughts

The enormous amount of reviews support the Black decker dust buster vacuum to be a proven aid in attaining sleek and sparkly ceramic tiles, spotless carpet cleanser, and getting the debris off of the desks and other furnishings like a Pro.

In addition to that, many of the stoners also recommended it for clearing the pet-hairs from the carpet, as it picks-up all the thin furs stuck or clanged to the carpeted-floor.

However, some of them proclaim the battery-life to be low and not replaceable.

A natural fact of technical-error in technology can never be replaced since a machine can’t be ideally perfect. We can exploit the advantages and let the shortcomings be covered in the warranty-guaranteed facility of the product.

Therefore, such minor issues can be dealt with repose, just as effortlessly as you can clean your home with this powerful and effective vacuum.

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