Urine Stain Removal from Toilet Seats

clean toilet seat

Pale stains on your bright toilet seat? A horrible sight to behold! It can be extremely annoying to see those yellow stains mar the pristine white toilet seat as they stand out strikingly. This can also be incredibly embarrassing and you never want any guests to catch a glimpse of such a visual. These stains form when you let the urine build-up for a good while on your seat. Furthermore, …

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How To Fix a Cracked Toilet Tank

toilet tank

Cracks in toilets are easy to detect as these are mostly plumbing problems. In some cases, there are chances of getting cracks in a toilet while manufacturing it, but it may not appear for several years. The other reason for cracking might be including an unexpected crack that starts leaking. The severe temperature changes may contribute to developing a crack that starts leaking out all from all over. You should …

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How to Get Scratches Out of Glass Door?

glass door

Glass doors are in fashion these days. They provide a very luxurious as well as capacious look to your house or office. They require only trivial maintenance, but a lot of cleanliness. You have to wipe these doors very often to clean the stains and figure marks. However, there is something that can bother you, and it is nothing else, but the scratches on the glass surface. It can be …

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How Does a Radiator Overflow Tank Work?

A radiator overflow tank is a reservoir for excess engine coolant that would rise up and out of the radiator due to the pressure built up after reaching the boiling point. It is a relatively simple device that can save the cooling system of your car in many ways. It works much like the expansion tank on a water heater. Significance Of the Radiator Overflow Tank Engines that work hard …

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How To Fix a PVC Pipe Leak

fix pvc pipe

PVC is the abbreviation for polyvinyl chloride. It is a synthetic (artificial) plastic that has exceptional stability and stress tolerance capacity. Similarly, these material has been approved to be used as drain pipes. This is the reason it is mostly present outside irrigation systems. The only reason for not using it as an indoor water supply system is it does not have much capacity of tolerating high temperatures. How To …

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How To Fix a Fence

fix garden fence

When it comes to your lawn or garden, you need to know about fencing installation tips and how you can maintain a fence. There are various types of fences depending upon the need and requirements such as an aluminum fence, vinyl fence, etc., and every type has a different installation method. Various factors deteriorate fences with time, and they may not perform their proper function thereafter because of weather, time, …

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Patch Drywall Screw Hole

fill screw holes in wall

No matter how much cautious you are towards the maintenance of your house, at some point, you will definitely come up with some screw holes in your wall. Whether you like it or not, you will have to patch them if you want clean and smooth walls. There are two types of holes in drywall: Drywall screw depressions (divots) Actual holes Divots occur mostly during the installation when the drywall …

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How Do You Measure a Flat Screen TV?

flat tv screen measurement

Measuring a TV screen isn’t as hard a task as it may seem. Whether you want to know if you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite movie or action games on your new TV, or you want to know if the TV you want to get will fit in your designated TV space, we can help you figure how exactly you’re going to measure it. Moreover, knowing the size of …

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How Does a Car Heater Work

car heater

Today, it is a common practice in most of the latest cars that have heaters and A/Cs fitted in them that the gadget switches on according to the outside temperature. The maintenance schedule of automotive HVAC provides you a better idea if they can work or not when needed. Moreover, you should have a proper check and balance to rectify the problems on the spot. It will also aid you …

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How Does a Pressure Washer Work?

pressure washer

Many of us have tried so many things such as soap, scrubs, and awful chemicals that don’t provide the desired results. No more experiments and no more waste, this time. When it comes to sanitation, just get a pressure washer. Most people have a common practice of using this washer on daily basis. These powerful hoses jet out around about 100 to 200 times the air pressure surrounding us, cleaning …

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