How to Get Scratches Out of Glass Door?

Glass doors are in fashion these days. They provide a very luxurious as well as capacious look to your house or office. They require only trivial maintenance, but a lot of cleanliness. You have to wipe these doors very often to clean the stains and figure marks.

However, there is something that can bother you, and it is nothing else, but the scratches on the glass surface. It can be either by your pet or by your naughty kids. These scratches look unsightly and can interfere with your view.

But do you know that these scratches are very easily removable? Yes, you can remove them by yourself just by learning some simple methods. In this article, we have explained that how to get scratches out of the glass door. All the below-mentioned methods are easy, safe, effective, tried, and tested. You can go for any one of them according to your requirement and convenience.

Determine the Depth of Scratches

Before selecting a method to get scratches out of the glass door, it is very important to determine the depth of the scratches. Because the shallow scratches are relatively easy to remove, but for deeper scratches, you need professional help. You should not try to solve it on your own as it can result in bigger loss and irreversible damage.

The best way to determine whether the scratches are self-repairable or not is by placing the finger on the damaged area and see if you can feel the scratches. If they feel like some minor lines, their removal is going to be an easy task. But if the scratches feel quite deep, you should ask for professional service.

Different Methods to Get Scratches Out of The Glass Door

You can remove most of the scratches and get a flawless glass door by following these methods:

Nail Polish

Using nail polish to conceal the scratches on the glass door is one of the best approaches. Although this process is slow, it can diminish all the glass flaws without fading it and also fills the existing grooves.

You do not require any extra product for this method. A clear nail polish is almost present in everyone’s cosmetic kit. After cleaning the entire area of glass, apply a thin layer of nail polish over the scratch by using its own brush. Don’t spread it all around the scratch. This nail polish includes silicon as an ingredient that makes it highly effective for this purpose.

Leave it for at least an hour to dry and after that wipe it with some nail polish remover and cotton pads. You can also use acetone instead of the nail polish remover. Wipe it until both the nail polish and the glass scratch get out.


It is one of the easiest methods and is highly effective in case of minor scratches. All you need to do is to take some toothpaste and a soft cloth. Prefer whitening toothpaste over other regular ones because it is way more abrasive.

Apply the toothpaste on the piece of cloth and circularly buff the scratched surface. In this way, you can remove a fine layer of glass from the damaged point. Try to find some improvement after rinsing the glass. Usually, in the case of minor scratches, one round is enough to remove the scratches, but if the scratches are still visible, go for another round of buffing.

But if still there is no visible improvement, you can estimate that the damage is quite serious. So, you can go for any other method.

Liquid Pumice Soap

Liquid pumice soap is a powerful cleaner, and it is highly abrasive. If you think that the scratches on your glass door are quite severe, this is the best option for you. Hence, you can get most of the scratches out by applying the combination of this pumice soap and dry cloth on the scratched glass surface.

It is an effective as well as a convenient method for removing the scratches from glass.

Baking Soda

Here is another simple method that does not require some special gear.  Baking soda is a multifunctional compound that you can easily find in your kitchen cabinet. So, you can prepare your own glass polish with it. Take equal parts of baking soda and water and mix them until they form a pudding-like paste.

You can also add some toothpaste to it. Clean the glass surface completely before applying the paste over it. It will save you from the mess of debris particles or any other further damage. Apply the mixture over the scratched surface in a circular way. Always prefer using a microfiber cloth for this purpose to get the best results.

Then, leave it and let the solution settle down and dry. After some time, rinse it with the help of a soft cloth and warm water. Most probably, there will be no scratches left on the surface.

Buffers or Sanders

Cerium Oxide is a commercial buffing compound. It is known for removing scratches from glass surfaces. You can use it by putting it on a circular sander or a piece of cotton cloth. It is available in the market, and you can easily buy it.

It is present in various categories. 90% cerium oxide is the optical grade, but it depends upon your need and choice. You can also use 99%, which is more effective and abrasive. However, make sure to wear rubber gloves and protective glasses while handling these chemicals.

Before applying the buffer, moist the scratched area to prevent it from drying as, it can create new marks by scratching the glass upon drying. So, be careful while using this method. After polishing the surface, clean the glass by using a soft brush and liquid dish soap. If the results are not satisfying, you can repeat the process.


So, in this article, you have learned the easiest methods to get scratches out of the glass door. So now you might have understood that replacing the glass door is not the only solution for scratches. You can adopt some simple ways to get a flawless glass door again. We hope that this article helped you in the best possible way.

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