How to Open a Bottle of Wine Without Opener

Warning! Before you go on trying any of the methods mentioned below know that it is not a 100 percent guarantee that all or any of these will work for you or work for you as intended. You can have a broken or crumbled cork mixed all inside your wine, a chipped bottle, and most of all a broken bottle with all your wine on the floor.

So who should use these techniques? If you are someone who is going to consume all the bottles with your friends over the night or if your bottle isn’t that rare or expensive that will break your heart with it. If the case is otherwise, it is just better to not play the hero and wait until you find a corkscrew. So here are some rather non-traditional methods that you can employ to open that cork.

Hammer It Out

Ok, so you don’t have to hammer the bottle. You are going to need a screw for that. This is probably the safest thing you can do with your bottle. It will require patience, resilience and a towel ( to remove the sweat after accomplishing your mission). Simply take the screw and twist it inside the cork until you have just an inch of the screw outside the cork. Put it in as much as you can but leave the head of the screw outside. After you have put it inside the screw, use the flat part of the hammer to pull out the screw and as you do it, the screw will take the cork with it.

Use the Gentle Men’s Loafer

We are going to be honest with you. There is nothing gentle about this method. You have to slap the cork out of the bottle. If you want to have the best effect, we suggest using the high heel shoe. Make sure to remove the wrapping of the cork before you do this or you are most likely to break the bottle.

To get started, simply wrap the bottle with a cloth or a towel and hold the bottle between something – like your legs for instance. Then start smacking the base of the bottle with the shoe heel. Remember to do it gently until the cork pops out. This may require patience as it may take a long time before you see the cork moving outside the bottle. Still, it is better to play safe by being patient. Oh and don’t forget to stop when the cork is almost about to pop out because you don’t want to spill out all your wine and make a mess.

Use Car Keys or Serrated Knife

This is a somewhat similar method to the first one. In the first method, you used the screw and pulled it out with a hammer. Here you use your car keys or a serrated knife and pull them out without using the hammer. To do this you have to enter the cork with your car keys or the knife at a slanting angle. Push it all the way in so that the holder of the keys can still be grabbed. Then slowly move the keys so that the cork moves in a circular motion and also upwards. It is best if you put the key in at a 45-degree angle. The trick here is to rotate the cork as well as move it upwards the same time. Keep doing it until the cork pops out. Just make sure to put it all inside. If you don’t then there is a chance that you can crumble the cork.

Use the Wire Hanger

Who thought that this could be a lifesaver one day. Just twist the hanger in the shape of a corkscrew and you can pull it out in no time. This method is prone to crumble your cork and mix it in your wine. Only use it if you are going to finish the bottle in one night. If you do manage to mix all your cork in your wine, then here is a quick fix. Just use a filter or coffee paper and filter out the wine. Thank me after.

Push the Cork Inside

Although this is the safest method, it is also one that is the least preferred. To release the cork all you gotta do is push the cork inside. Simply take a spoon and put its backside on the cork and push it inside the bottle. When the cork is pushed inside you can have a taste of your delicious wine. However, when the cork is inside there is almost no way to pull it out without breaking the bottle. Also, there are high chances that if the cork is old, you can crumble it and mix it with the wine, which sucks. Only perform this method when you are to consume the whole bottle because then even if something like that happens, you can easily filter out the wine.

Pump It

This one is like magic. All you gotta do is take a bike pump and put the needle inside the cork such that the needle goes all the way through and out from the other side. Here is when the magic starts. Slowly pump air into the bottle. As you start pumping the air you will immediately see the cork rising because of the air pressure. Pretty neat huh?

Use Heat

This is a very risky method so do it at your own risk. Try other methods first and only try this one if you can’t get that cork out with all the other methods. To do that, you are going to need a blow torch. Just apply some heat at the part below the cork. Because of the heat, the cork will move up out of the bottle. One very important precaution though. DO NOT perform this method if the bottle is cold. If you do, the bottle in its all likelihood will explode. So do it carefully.