How to Store Cordless Drill Batteries?

Cordless drill advanced technology has several benefits. It is easy to carry and makes your work fast. But before buying such machines, you should first check their battery timing. Cordless drill batteries are long-lasting, but unfortunately, some batteries cannot stay long. As far as batteries are concerned, you don’t like it when your battery runs out during work. And you don’t want to invest more money in batteries. Some people gave an opinion to put the batteries in the fridge to don’t heat up. But it can destroy your battery as it gets wet. To avoid such things, you need to know how you can store your batteries, even your entirely dead batteries.

Cordless drill batteries are rechargeable, Li-ion or lithium batteries, and nickel batteries are rechargeable.

Li-ion Rechargeable Batteries

If your drill contains a Li-ion battery, you must know how to charge it to your battery lifespan. Do not charge your battery 100%; the limit for lithium-based batteries is 85-90%. Charge them if its voltage decreases to 2.5V avoid using if it is only 1.5 V low. If charging increased, it would decrease battery timing. Plug the charger out when charging is complete.

If the battery is fully charged and discharged, then it is calculated as one cycle. Half discharge and half charging mean half cycle. Suppose this battery has 600 cycles; by half charging, you can increase its cycle to 1200.

Nickel Batteries

Do not discharge these batteries completely. Or you can discharge them after 30-40 days as these batteries have a memory default. If you leave the charger plugged in after full charging, the heat starts producing in the battery. It is not dangerous for the machine if you discharge regularly, but it shows a low battery. These batteries can be stored for 3 to 5 years.

What to Do to Store Batteries?

  • You need to be present near your machine while charging. An explosion may occur by
  • Do not put your machine or battery near the fire. Place your battery on an inflammable surface and make sure that air is passing through it.
  • Select the right method for charging. Use the charger that is with the machine. Please don’t use the charger from other devices. It may cause a problem for both the device and the battery.
  • Recharge your cordless drill battery as soon as you notice that the battery is lower than 70%. Batteries should be fully discharged only once a month.
  • Use your battery daily. And if you want to store it, use it almost after 15 days. Less use can also shorten battery life
  • Be sure that your battery is fully charged. Don’t plug the charger out without complete charging.
  • Store your batteries in a cool and dry place or at room temperature but don’t put them in the refrigerator. Only a fool can advise you to store a battery in the freezer.
  • It would be best to buy a plastic box to store your batteries; the airtight container would be much better to avoid moisture. It’s better to put them in original packing.
  • Do not put batteries near electric conductors. A short circuit might occur.
  • The charger, battery, and drill should be placed Please don’t leave the charger plugged in the battery as it can reduce battery life.
  • Remove the battery from the drill. If you leave it inside, it can decrease battery life. The reason is that if you leave them inside, their capacity to discharge increases automatically, and after some time, it will fully
  • If some damage occurs to your battery, you should first discharge it thoroughly, remove the battery and leave it outside for 2 hours. But it came back and charged it fully for almost 8 hours. If it still doesn’t work, it means it’s out of life.
  • Recycle your batteries if they are dead, don’t throw them like garbage. When you throw any machine, remove its And before disposing of them, make sure it reaches the recycler. We recommend you throw the shower in a separate bag by tapping it.
  • When you store your batteries in a box, please don’t leave them for a long time. Put them out after 2 weeks and clean them; otherwise, dust may enter them.
  • If your battery is showing low recharge for two days, you need to fix it. In the case of a lead-acid battery, apply a current of 5V to the battery. In the case of a Li-ion battery, use a booster to recharge.

What to Avoid?

  • Most people leave their batteries to charge overnight without knowing that this could reduce battery life. To increase your battery life, avoid overcharging. Remove the charger when the battery is fully charged.
  • High temperatures are not suitable for rechargeable batteries. As you turn on the heater in your room and your battery is on charging, this would affect battery life. The moderate temperature for batteries is 15°C.
  • Don’t place the battery in dry places. If your battery gets wet, put it in rice overnight. Rice may sock all moisture.
  • One important tip is that don’t mix new and old batteries. Store these batteries in separate boxes.
  • Don’t put your batteries with your household things as batteries can have leakage. An acid comes out of batteries that can destroy your table, clothes, books, etc.
  • Don’t let positive and negative terminals meet each other, cover them with tape.
  • Do not charge those batteries on which rechargeable is not mentioned.
  • Avoid dropping your battery down and tapping them.
  • Keep batteries away from children.


We advise you to store your batteries properly. Many accidents have been seen occurring with batteries. By storing batteries, you cannot only be safe but can also save the money that you invested in your battery.

Now you can buy cordless drills without worrying about their battery life. Take good care of your battery; you can increase its lifespan and can save your money. We hope this guide will help you.


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