Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker Review

Are you a caffeine-fanatic? Somebody who can’t think straight until a smoking-hot-cup-of-coffee hits his taste-buds and makes him feel alive? Does your mind only start working in the morning, after a strong sip of freshly-brewed-enticing-coffee? Then you are not alone.

While working we lose track of time, forget to take our meals, have no clue of anything that’s going on around us, except our preferred mug-of-coffee, and start estimations of when we are going to need the next one. Some people can’t open their eyes until a mouth-burning-coffee kicks-in, while others keep-on working until the coffee-mug in their hands stay-full. The fixation takes over them so inadequately that they keep the coffee-maker within their reach, regardless of where they are.

Similarly, everyone has their caffeine-story which starts with how they desire their coffee! So if you can relate to any one of the above mentioned-dilemmas, you can understand the sudden devastation when your coffee-brewer gets broken and you have to buy a new one.

The hectic procedure of going through a long list of different models and cross-checking which ones can fulfill your desired coffee appetite can take so much time and energy. No matter what kind of caffeine-addict you are, you will be delighted to use the Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker,  since its distinctive traits are handily susceptible for all.

Privileges of Adequate Amount of Caffeine Consumption

There are various coffee-fanatics, having various coffee prerequisites. But one fact which is acknowledged by all is that coffee can help you get rid of your laziness and alter your sleepy-mind into an attentive, enthusiastic, and workaholic one. Some other perks of being a coffee-lover are :

  • Besides, inciting your mind actively, can support against chronic illnesses, typically found in Women (such as Colorectal Cancer).
  • The presence of several active elements, such as antioxidants in coffee, can help safeguard against internal complex ailments like Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Type-2 Diabetes, and a few additional neural- disorders.
  • The intake of Black-coffee helps in a rapid weight-loss due to boosted metabolic activity.
  • Research shows that the people who drink coffee have more stabilized levels of enzymes than the people who don’t. Thus, having a healthful impact on your liver.
  • Coffee intake curtails your stroke risks and other heart conditions.

Since nothing has all Pros and no Cons, coffee is not immune to this fact as well. Since every individual has an independent limit of caffeine nutriment, you wouldn’t want your body to cross that border-line.

  • Caffeine infusion is said to have the capacity to increase your life. But it also has the ability to take your life if you start drinking an enormous fraction of it. Since an input that isn’t moderate, becomes fatal.
  • A full-mug in hand all day can lead to Insomnia.

Various factors count with the intake of caffeine, such as your body reacts to the amount you can bear up to, your health-conditions since coffee contains a lot of different substances like potassium, kahweol, magnesium, cafestol which after interacting with your internal body levels can be harmful if you are unaware of being sensitive, having cholesterol issues or any other medical condition, has to be kept in mind before the uncalculated infusion of caffeine.


Anything which helps you get closer to your Hot-mug-of-coffee like the Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker is worth exploring. So let’s get into what makes it better than other coffee-makers in the market.

Removable Multiple Cup Water Reservoir

  • Refilling made susceptible by a removable reservoir, which can carry up to 46 ounces of water at a time.
  • You can prepare up to 4 cups-of-coffee before any additional refill, where your cup size will be of appropriate 8 ounces.

Universal My K-Cup Coffee Filter Adaptable

  • Certifies you with the additional apiece sold to compose your own private ground-coffee with the Universal My K-Cup Filter for distinction.

Graciously Compatible with the Travel-Mug

  • The generous ability of the Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker to harmonize in a compatible way with the Travel-Mug has the potential to adapt up to a 7.0” tall mug-quantity.
  • Not just that, it also offers a modified drip tray that is removable and is designed to procure easy cleanups after an unexpected full brew.

Prompt and Fresh Brewed

  • The smell of hot, freshly brewed coffee will intensify your craving even more with the Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker like naturally fermented caffeine.
  • The intense desire of a cup-full-of-coffee will be alleviated in a minute with the coffee-maker’s quick serving time.

Aperture Saver

  • It’s considerably rectangular shape and delicately modified design support its size and saves your kitchen-counter many slots to use for other appliances.
  • It fits swiftly under any given space of less than 5” wide, whether it’s your office coffee-section or your slab’s countertop.

Productive Power Saver Auto-off

  • Its smart technology saves the excess coffee from being wasted by turning off the power automatically.
  • The auto-off power button not only saves the machine from undue work but also promotes energy conservation by limiting unnecessary functions.


The Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker offers varied substitutions for delivering improved quality and simple maneuver for their stoners by offering various sizes and tones.

In Sizes

The multiple choices of cup-sizes and various ounce-quantities, add to the variety-trait aspects.

  • Allows you 3 unique probabilities of cup sizes for your preferred amount of ounces, as the coffee is only limited to the drinker’s longing.
  • Authorizes you to make your ideal proportion of ounces by giving 8, 10, and 12 Oz cup-of-coffee, brewed barely at the single click of a button.

In colors

The striking pigments of the Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker provide attraction and style together in a fancy manner.

  • 3 colors are available in K-Mini.
  • 4 colors are available in K-Mini Plus.
  • 1 color is available in K-Slim.

Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker Review – Final Thoughts

Coffee-buffs have admired the product’s design structure and reliability, making it easy to workaround. They have added to their reviews that the compact-size, has taken less space in their kitchen counter. The time duration of smoking hot coffee is a minute or two, which is the topmost requirement of coffee addicts. The auto-shutoff feature adds value to the product, which stops the excess of coffee to get wasted.

However, many others have mentioned some technical issues, such as half-refilling by the machine and some functional-error, which has been dealt with through replacement by the generous support team of the product.

As long as the craving for the hot-coffee is satisfied, the rest of the problems can be taken care of with an open mind that only a quick cup of coffee can enlighten.

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